“Every the disruption of food chain. This automatically

“Every 20 seconds, achild dies from a water-related disease. Children in polluted environmentsoften carry about 1,000 parasitic worms in their bodies at any time. There isno way they can survive from this situation, some of them end up with painfuldeath.

” This kind of statistics show that the water pollution had become veryworse nowadays as the people tend to ignore their responsibility to conservethe use of water. Water is one of the object that we used daily to do a lot ofthing either cleaning, drinking or cooking. This continuos action may cause thewater to become polluted, tainted with a lot of pollutant and unhygiene. So, weas a new apprentice of future generation must take note and do our job in orderto reduce the water pollution.

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          First and foremost, we as a humanbeing must be aware of throwing rubbish at the right place, not the river orstream behind your house. It is by virtue of when you do that, the rubbish thatsometimes contain solid waste, non organic construction debris and leftoverfood that actually can be composed or treated in other ways will sink in theriver reservoir. This situation will not only spread disease such as; malariaand diarrhea but also increase river’s water level that lead to naturaldisaster like flash flood.

According tothe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): “Waterborne diseasesare caused by pathogenic microbes that can be directly spread throughcontaminated water. Most waterborne diseases cause diarrhea illness(“Global WASH-Related Diseases and Contaminants”. CDC). As weknow, water covers over 70% of the Earth’s surface. All of the people that liveeither near or far from the water source will feel the impact when theirprimary water source already contaminated with the pollutant.         Then, the effect of the waterpollution is the disruption of food chain. This automatically will occur whenthe habitat of the fish or other aquatic animals being polluted by the rubbishthat being throw by inhumane people.

Not only that, small fish like anchoviessometimes fed the heavy metals; cadmium or lead in the sea in a form of liquidthat can cause mutations and even worse, it will die. So when they die, largefish like whales cannot find their nutrient and also will end up with death. Lately,we can see large animal like sea gulls, dolphins and whales wind up on beach,killed by the pollutant. Every day , 2million tons of sewage and industrial and agricultural waste are dischargedinto the world’s water(UN WWAP 2003),the equivalent of the weight of entirehuman population of 6.8 billion people.

This massive number of statisticsshow that our world is in danger and serious situation that need someone’sresponsible to take an act.           Moreover, the ecosystem of wildlifeis also in danger when the water is polluted. The pollution start when theindustrial factory sometimes release their organic chemical to the neareststream that actually contain hazardous material such as mercury. Mercury is sopoisonous as it will cause cancer if after prolonged expose to it. Roughly one unit of mercury is emitted intothe environment for every unit of gold produced by small scale miners, a totalof as much as 1000 tons of mercury emitted each year (UNEP/GRID-Arendal). Sothe fish and aquatic plant will be dead and lead to the extinction. On theother hands, water pollution causes flooding due to the accumulation of deadfish and dead aquatic plant in streams and rivers.

As a result, a lower part ofthe area around the river will flood and some of the animals will lose itshabitat.          Last but not least, we as a human mustrealized that water is utmost important to our daily life. It is not about howwe use it but it is how you conserve it and remain its sustainability forfuture generation. So conserve it, not waste it.