Everyone have a hard time being accepted with

Everyone in the world should have equal rights, but not all are accepted. Muslim Americans have a hard time being accepted with the rest of the world. Some hardships Muslim Americans go through are employment, travel, and freedom of speech. Muslim Americans shouldn’t have to fight for freedom and equality, they should automatically have it.              Employment is hard for some, but it is even difficult for Muslim Americans. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon conducted an analysis and discovered that applicants who self- identified as Muslim were called back at a lower rate than Christians with the exact same names and qualifications. The study found that in Republican states 2% of applications by Muslims received interviews and Christian candidates received a 17%. The results of the study are not surprising because media reports tie Muslim Americans to terror plots and create  and imprecise impressions  on Muslim Americans. All the prejudice has consequences for example several individuals in the United States have been murdered because of an anti-Muslim hatred. Muslim Americans should be free and not have to face employment inequality.             Muslim Americans are often feared while traveling. Traveling for Muslim Americans is a hardship because “Traveling while Muslim” has been added to the phenomenon of “Driving while Black”, a law enforcement technique that aims to track people down by race and religion, rather than by criminal history or other illegal activity. Countless Muslim Americans have been kicked off of planes because others were uncomfortable with their appearance. One  Muslim American was threatened with arrest because they were catching a breath before responding to the security question “Has anyone unknown packed your bags ?” The bumps Muslim Americans had to go through just to travel is absolutely unfair.              Muslim Americans are often criticized on their appearance and aren’t allowed to go to certain places because of the way they look. Some issues are vandalism of Mosques and community centers, discrimination based on appearance, and invasive questioning at U.S. borders. Mosques and community centers are often vandalized just like The Park51 Islamic Cultural Center in New York City. Muslim women should be free to express their religious beliefs whether or not they choose to wear head coverings. U.S. citizens and lawful residents who are Muslim have been questioned by Customs and Border Patrol officers have been asked deeply personal questions about their beliefs. Muslim Americans should be able to express themselves when dealing with their religion.              In conclusion, Muslim Americans should be equal to the rest of the world. They shouldn’t be uncomfortable or make anyone uncomfortable while walking down the street, in an airport, or simple making a phone call. Muslim Americans don’t deserve to have a hard time getting employed, traveling, or expressing themselves.