Examine Key Concepts of Leadership in Your Place

The servant-leader is trained to be a servant first. Many companies are controlled by the leader at top of the organization. And If you are lucky that your company is controlled by a servant-leader who shares his power and puts others first, then I think you are very luck to work for a place Like this, especially In this day and age.The servant-leader does help want to help people develop and the leader does what the employee to perform at their high expectations. They naturally have the feeling to serve people. I have been trained to do Just that threw out my career, I have answered a many of phone calls with customers on the other side of the phone who were distressed and needed my help to get their product up and running. I think this has helped me become a leader and I want to step up even more In my life.

I think I have grown as a person from helping others.In the past fifteen years the servant-leadership concept has continued to grow. Robert Greenflies visionary theory is just beginning to catch up with the times and the practice is exploding. The theory is having a growing influence on the people and their workplaces. Servant-leadership is an emerging approach to leadership and service. Objects in their company, and there is a much better way to lead and manage our people within our organizations. A third application of servant-leadership concerns its deepening role in community leadership organizations across the country.A growing number of community leadership groups are using Greengage Center resources as part of their win education and training efforts.

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Some have been doing so for more than twenty years. M. Scott Peck, who has written about the importance of building true community, says the following in A World Waiting to Be Born: “In his work on servant- leadership, Greengage posited that the world will be saved if it can develop Just three truly well-managed, large institutions?one in the private sector, one in the public sector, and one in the nonprofit sector.He believed?and I know?that such excellence in management will be achieved through an organizational culture of civility routinely utilizing the mode of community.

(2004, Josses-Bass. ) I’m the Vice President of the Homeowner Association Board within my community of five-hundred and thirty one homes. My position is a volunteer position and I have been on the board for the past five years. And I do believe that you have to give back to the community. I was treasure of the board the past four years and was Just elected as Vice President in April 2013.The board that I serve on does put our community and the people who live in it first.

We have sent out many newsletters, blast e-mails, community board, a community web site, phone calls, HO meets once month and an annual meeting letter to all homeowners. The HO board does try very hard to keep our community informed of what is going on with the board’s actions. I would call what we do for our community is a servant leadership that does emphasizes at taking care of our community first and the people. All the members of the board do set this as our number one priority.I hate to brag, but the truth is that I have come up with many projects in our community.

One of the projects that I came up with was install lights in our pathways to help protect our children. Our grade school is right in the middle of our community. The walkway paths were very dark, and my wife being a teacher at the grade school was coming home late at night, especially in the winter months when it gets dark early. So, I was thinking like a servant leader and came up with the idea to have an electrical company install pathway lights. It is a natural feeling for me to want to serve the people of our community.This servant leadership did not Just come all at once for me, it has taken a life time to develop, and it needs to be developed even more, as I become a sales manager for a larger company. I have always wanted t o create a positive change throughout our society. So I feel that every board member that I work with is a very good servant leader, and they are all doing the right things for our community.

And everyone one of them are working for free and it does take time away from our families. But we do put our community first and our neighbors first. Servant leadership suffers from the same limitation as leadership studies in general.Writers on servant leadership have not taken the time or the precision of effort to clearly define the concepts they are working with. How can we research something that we have not defined? How can we effectively explore and then o be done and it is important that it be developed now as the body of servant leadership research is beginning to grow. (Lab, J. A.

(1999). A lot of what I have read during my research is that servant leadership has been evaluated, debated, and written about as a theoretical basis of leadership. It seems that servant leadership theory is taking a shape and is become popular theory among leaders all over the world.Servant leaders somewhat doubt their leadership role and doubt their influence they seem to have. It seems to me that they are not the stereotype leaders like the other old style leaders of the past. My father once told me to get a Job that I will like and you will not work another day in your life, it will be something you enjoy. He all so told me to make a contribution to society and make the world a better place to live and help people out in any way you can.

Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said, “If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all. (Mark 9:35) If the leader is a brilliant person, then they will treat the first follower as an equal, which will give them the motivation to Join and stay. To me followers provide an underrated form of leadership.

Case in point is that the leader took a chance to get his dance craze going and he thought that others would Join in, and once the 1st follower Joined in, that the dance craze would take hold and others would Join in. I think this is how business gets started, a great leader starts off with an idea and then a great follower Joins in and it seems to grow and take off.This is really how to influence other without using authority over them. They seem to Join in with the idea and it seems to take off. What I liked is that one person was craze enough to get up and dance and then the next thing you know is a huge number of followers come board. And it demonstrates the risks taken and yet benefits the leader. This video shows how people will follow if they think it is a good idea or fun.

This is how leadership works and how it can benefit them and it can be a life changing event. You must do what you think is right to make a movement work, not Just because you want to do it, it must feel right.And your actions do influence the people around you, more than what you think.

And did the second man in really want to support this man or what. And I do not think that the 3rd man in really thought that he was making it a movement. And everything we do have actions that need to address in some way.

And everyone who Joined the movement are Just people in the crowd who wanted to have fun and thought it would be fun to Join the group. It takes a lot of energy to be the 1st one to stand up and actually be a leader all in itself.The 1st follower is the one that makes the leader. Others that come in the business seem to follow the 1st follower and not the leader. It makes it easier as other Join the movement or business group; it seems to make it easier and the movement right.

The message is that the first follower is the most important, and ho had the guts to stand up and show others that this is the right thing to do and to show others how to follow the leader, and who makes the movement go. A leader must easy to follow and have the guts to stand alone, and he may not look good at first.The leader must embrace the follower as an equal, and this way it is not all about the leader. It is all about the group now and not Just about the leader. The leader. People are then not afraid to Join the group anymore and the movement seems to be cool.

The message seems to say that if you are the leader you must treat the first few followers as equals. This means that the movement is not all about you it is about the group. The leader must direct the group to focus on the movement or business on not on them.

A good leader must learn to lead the group as a team and it is not all about the leader.A good leader must encourage the team, and they must not put themselves on a pedestal or talk down to others. They must have open communications and the leader must create an environment that is successful. You do not have to be an extrovert to lead and anyone can be a leader. There are many different styles of leadership.

They must provide encouragement to everyone in he group to make it work. What motivates a follower would be for the staff to precognitive them, challenge the employees to learn new things, provide positive performance feedback and this is one of the most successful ways to motivate the follower.A mistake that I have made as a new manager is to implement De-motivating factors in the workplace, like punishment for mistakes and frequent criticism. I as a young manger seem to know that they are wrong but have done them any way.

Other managers have told me that when the follower is in control of their workplace they seem to stay motivated and hey love to be supported. What is a win is for the employee to take on more responsibility and be accountable for more decision making. What motivates one employee does not always motivation another employee.It is by trial and error to find out what does motivate the employee and act upon that response. Many theories have their ups and downs, right or wrong, assumptions and limitations, pros and cons. And many researchers have discussed transformational leadership models and some researchers are trying to come up with different theories or models. Bernard M. Bass is the one the book writes about.

You must 1st understand the transformational leadership theory to then understand the difference between transformational and transactional.The article I read talks about exchange and the more exchange you have the stronger the relationship. I can relate this to my work. I’m and outside sale engineer and the more Jobs I close the more rewards my company will give me. When I sell more Jobs, motors, pumps, or service work it makes production levels raise.

This relation is based on a return which is transactional type. This relationship is based on requirements, conditions and rewards, even if it is punishment, and leader who adapt this relationship are ramifications leaders.Transformation leaders are managers who develop and employee from the ground up and are dedicated and committed to them, which in turn shapes the employee’s future.

This happens to me at my second Job in the engineering field, my boss at the time, Ray Burns was a very hard worker and he expected a lot from his employees. Ray had a way of motivating me to do the very best that I could and he showed his dedication and commitment to me all the time. I would meet his demands and he would provide me with a very nice raise. I can say Ray has shaped me to what I’m today.Ray worked toward a common goal, with me as the follower, and that was to get his designs and ideas put on paper.

He helped develop me and I would tell me that it will be for your own good and self-interests in achieving great results. Burns has stated that transactional leaders treat follower with an eye to swap one thing for another thing. And Bass has stated transactional leaders long for a cost benefit, rewards to meet the follower’s needs in current material and psychic needs in return for fine services rendered by the lesser.Burns has stated that transformational leaders see what the follower needs are ND they try and motive the follower, and to make sure that they recognize the person to the fullest.

Bass has stated that transformational leaders do know what the follower are and they needs try hard to satisfy the higher needs, and to engage the follower to a higher standard. Transformational leader does review from time to time the mission and vision for his followers and does try and build them up to meet his expectations and the company’s expectations.It is there goal to have the employee step up to higher level, and leaders into upper management positions. It is a way to elevate the followers to he next level. This is a great way to have your employees excel. And these types of leaders need to be the rock of the company and believe that they can elevate the followers up to the next level. Transformational leader exist in the mechanics of the company already and he is ingrained in the system, so the transformational leader must change the company structure.

Transactional leaders have many details that descriptor what type of leader they are.Leaders use their power to make sure that followers are commended for keep up with what they were told to do. This type of leader uses the reward, punishment, inaction, encouragement, to manage the follower. The leadership is approachable and it deals with the present issues right now. They promise rewards and keep their promises if the set goals are meet that are how they motivate the followers.

And they know what it means to have a link for reward and efforts. Transformational leader have many details that descriptor what type of leader they are.Leaders are well-known by their competence to encourage and provide individualized consideration, scholar stimulation and idealized persuade to their followers. They seem to know what is coming and they expected new ideas and work ethics from the followers. They can establish good bonds with the followers by have a good vision to where they want the employee to go and they have great management skills. They seem to be able to motivate the follower to the next level that will create a great working relationship. And they want follower to achieve goals that were set, but achieve them about all expectation and self-interest.

They know how to find way to make the follower solve issues and they create a learning environment as much as possible. Transformational leader and transactional leaders were reviewed by Bass as variety rather than opposites. And these both would not exist without the leaders and followers. Each leadership style has it place in the business world. If it is a minimum wage managers at the fast food restaurants can be more effective if directing the employees to do their Job then to worry about how to serve a better burger.

Sales manager can be more effective as a transformational leader because they have to focus on the bigger picture and how to get those sales to keep the company going in the right direction. They need to effectively communicate the product, the mission, and thing about the entire organization rather than Just a piece of it. And the executive managers need to pass their work down the line to the followers. They both have different prospective on what they mean to the company. So I feel they both are Just as equal. And I have explained why in the next couple of paragraphs.Transactional leadership is focused on keep the existing flow of the company. They use motivation tactics and disciplinary methods to get the most out of each employee.

What is means is that they use the exchange rewards for performance by the employee. This type of leader cannot and does not look ahead to guide the many, nevertheless, they are very concerned that the company functions are running smoothly. Transformational leader does not Just lead day by day; they are in focus to take the company to the next level and to make the company successful.They focus on motivation and collaboration, team building to accomplish company goals at all levels within the company. They are the leaders to set the goals, develop the incentives, and push the employees to perform at a higher level. And they provide the opportunities for every employee to grow. Successful leaders come in a wide variety of personal characteristics such as their ability to make speeches in public or to relate to people in groups or individually.

We have all met successful leaders that we wondered what enabled them to be effective. Some are smooth and some are rough.Some are charming and some are impossible to find any one characteristic that all of them have and many non-leaders do not have. Motivation is one of the most important characteristic and you can call it a trait of any leader. And leaders have developed skill that can be used in other leadership activities, which they will become the community and organization leaders of the future. And communications skills are the second most important.

And if you want to become an effective leader you must communicate effectively. Communications is much more than being a good speaker.There are fourteen traits that are needed to becoming a great leader and not all of them will be used. You must have a great personality which is a very useful skill for a leader to have. You must be persistence and make sure that you implement changes slowly to be more effective. You need to be very patience and you need to relax and wait for events or time to pass.

Ideas take time to implement because people have to think about them. You must be perceptive and sensitive to other people’s wants and needs and to changes in these wants and needs.Most people will believe and follow someone they trust, which is probity. Everyone likes to be recognized especially when they have been working hard on a project, they want to be praised, and you must give praise giving. You must carry a positive orientation and the future should always be seen as bright and optimistic. Must be realistic to determine the art of the possible.

A leader must be practical and realize that pleasing all of the people all of the time is not possible. An effective deader must be progressive and he will move the group forward.A good leader must be prepared and must be knowledgeable about his goals, the variety of means for reaching the goals, the needs necessary to meet the goals, and about the people in the group. Leaders must power build and they motivate the followers to become involved in getting the Job done.

After examination of the few traits and characteristics of an effective team leader within the organization, the list above will show what we have learned in this class, which will make us effective as a leader in the future. Some traits and characteristics re learned early in childhood and some later in life.We as a person can improve on any one of the traits and characteristics that I have discussed above. I know that many of my traits and characteristics have changed over the years and may continue to change for the better. And if I was the same person today as I was back when I was younger, I could not even begin to change or do what I do today. Change can come and is very possible, but I must want to do them first, or it will not happen. The first step is that I must and want to change and to make it happen.

The vision statement related to the mission statement.The vision statement gives the perspective of corporate values. The vision statement is a written document that is the future direction of the company for the next five to ten years.

One of my major questions that I will always ask a hiring manager is what your company goals are for the next 5 and 10 years. This is a good question to see if you really want to work for this company. It does make a statement about the integrity, transparency, and openness and other such values to note what the vision statement is stating. The vision statement should inspire your employees and give them a sense of purpose and a common goal.The mission statement is the company’s statement of purpose and it is a statement for the company’s decision making policies. And the target of the mission statement is a general target for the employees, leaders and shareholders.

It describes the decisions and task of the company which will help the employees better understand the goal of the company. The statement is the main purpose of why the company is in business and what the company leader’s main goals are for the company. The company mission is to make a profit and to stay in business, which in turn means to take care of the customers at all cost.The strategic planning is for the company to develop an objective, strategies, and tactics to achieve the mission of the organization. It is the objective of the company to generate a short and long term objective that is the mission statement of the company. Many of the company’s objectives are the revenue or profit goals, market share targets, customer satisfaction, brand awareness, improvements. It helps the company develop strategies to make sure that they reach the company objectives. Merck, a pharmaceutical company, includes product, customer, employee and investor interests in its mission statement.

This is Just one example of what is stated above in my last writings. It helps the company provide support for each of the entities listed above. The visions statement includes the company’s values. The the world. The mission statement is hard to understand because it is written in an abstract form. They seem to not be written very well and very vague. Strategic goals are tied to the mission statement and it applies to the companies as a whole.

Tactical goals are departmental goals the support the strategic goals. The operational goal is written at the individual level.All the statements are a way to measure the company’s mission statement. When a company accomplishes and reaches the mission goal, it now as a measurable goal at every level. The mission statement provides a sense of direction and a purpose. The mission statement can be an anchor and a guiding decision making policy in the time of change and growth. And the company’s goal is to have high profits and returns. It defines a company by what it produces, and setting the company apart from its competition is the way to go and grow the company.

Leadership is the role at which there is a leadership position and it does not stop here. The leadership does not fall on the single great leader; it is the company’s goals to accomplish what they set out to do. The leadership is very important, but tries and understands why some companies succeed and other fail. It is the number of quality individual leaders, but the ability of leaders to pull together to support the company goals that makes the difference. Influence, collaboration, and communication needs to exist in any company for it to be successful.

It takes leaders action together as one to implement strategies, solve problems, respond to threats, adapt to changes, support innovation, and etc. Good leadership strategy takes all the existing factors in account and makes it all work. And if you Just fill the leadership positions you can accomplish the company’s goals and agendas. It is what the leadership does and how they relate to one another that really matters. And leadership strategy can let you know what kind, where, with what skills, and behaving to achieve the total success of the company.And many companies do not have the proper leadership and it is wonder how they make it.

Leadership strategies are based on a thorough analysis of the current situation and the entire view of the future. This strategy does provide a series of recommendations to fix the current situations. A leadership strategy can be developed on the leadership is in place and company goals are in place. It can clarify how the leadership strategies can be reached and it outlines an approach to leadership development. An example is to develop identify the drivers of the strategy.The driver’s Jobs are to know the weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the marketplace, how to position the organizations to take advantage of its strengths. The drivers point the company leaders in the correct direction of what the company what to accomplish, ND the drivers are very essential to the company.

They study the investments of resources, time and energy. If I were the leader in an organization, I would have to think about what I would be changing and why. When you step into a leadership position, I feel you should at least, if you have the time, review everyone position for a good year to see if you need to make any changes.Sometimes companies are running great and someone is stepping down because of retirement. Or someone has a medical condition, so first is for the good, and all progress is the result of changes. Some changes will not make ensue to you, but sometimes are needed. And some leaders make create some stress for their coworkers and themselves if not careful to evaluate change.

After reading and coming up with my own conclusions, I would really like to know what does work. Six things seem to stick out to becoming an effective leader when changes are made.Do not beat yourself up if you cannot control changes, some are unpredictable and you cannot tell what is coming your way. Roll with the changes and learn to adapt. You cannot predict the future or prevent tough changing times, this will ruin you as a leader, and you need to motivate your employees. When the mimes get tough let your employees know that you are working on the situation and be very optimistic. Keep your coworkers’ dream alive and let your employees know that better times are right in front of us.But be realistic of the tough times that your organization is facing and you must overcome them to reach better times.

I would keep my employees informed. And with this down turn still taking place in our country right now, you must keep your employees informed. I would try and knock down and confusion and even if that means letting them know of the bad times. You cannot help that, but you must let them know where the company stands. You must let them know of the uncertainty of misery and it is better to let everyone know about the misery of uncertain then to hide it.I feel as an employee you do have the right to know what is going on with your company.

It has happen to me in the past were all kinds of rumors were going around and it created stress and did not motivate me to do a good Job. Tell your employees the truth and it will set you free. If you are telling your employees one thing and some else happens that was not told you will be asking for trouble with your employees and you will lose face. And if your company announces some other change the employees’ will not trust you and this will create more problems than you can even imagine.All of us need to be able to handle changes that come our way, the sooner the better. I would make sure that I’m presence all the time and that I would have an open door policy. Because management is related to behavior.

It is proven that managers who build relationship with the hired help, they will keep the employees longer and you will make them feel wanted. I would make sure that I was visible all the time to let everyone know that I care about them and the place of business. And in uncertain times it is great to have a leader who you can see and is hearing what you are saying and that is very important.I do not want to be a manager who hides behind closed doors, employees need to see and hear their boss. I would make myself available for questions as must as possible. I would not cut the workload if our company is downsizing, only the workforce would be cut.

I cannot do much about that, but make sure that I meet the company’s goals all so. I would try and become a great motivator and I would stress teamwork. I would listen to my employees to see what they have to ay, what can we do to cut cost, to improve production, how to save time and money for the company for all of us to keep our positions.I would ask what other ideas they have to save money and time. And in final thoughts, no one likes to go through change and it is very hard to go through change.

I know one likes to sacrifice what they have established. But I think that if you tell your employees what is going on and that you will become a more effective leader in the midst of change. In conclusion, I have discussed one of the leadership theories from the course text to an organization and explained how the theory works in my own thoughts. I have included a few examples of the leadership theory I wrote about.I explained the effect of power and influence that leaders have on the followers in the organization. And I described the followers receptive. And what would I recommend another strategy. I have explained my reasoning, if not and why not.

I did write about the role and effectiveness of transformation and transactional leadership in an organization. I support my claims and points of view, and have giving examples of each. I have written about the traits and characteristics of an effective team leader within the organization.I have explained how the leadership supports vision, mission, and strategy in the organization.

And the final thought is if I were the leader in the organization, what would I change and why was answered to the best of my knowledge at this time in my life. I would say in my final thoughts that this was a great paper to have written for my class, but it was a very long one. I tried to answer all the questions that were asked of in this class and I have learned in the process of doing Just that.

I have gotten a lot of good information from my readings and from my instructor asking me other questions in my responses.I feel I’m getting closer to become an effective sales engineering manager, which is my goal in the very near future. I want to become and will become a sales manager. I really think the class had taught me a lot about MAGGOT – Leadership for Organizations and the class was very informative. And I do realize that companies need employees, management, planning, leading, organizing, staffing, and controlling to step up and do the right things to help the company grow and to use their most important resource, their employees to the full capacity and to get the most from all of them.