Exercise as a Healthy Lifestyle Choice

Are you one of the many out there who knows you should be exercising, but you aren’t sure where to begin? Do the tools of fitness – exercise bikes, nautilus machines, treadmills, exercise ball and free weights – intimidate you? Or maybe you find exercise boring? If any of the above apply to you, you are not alone. Although many people are well aware of the importance of physical fitness, but majority do not exercise on a regular basis. Many people don’t exercise for the same reason that they think of it as too hard, too boring or they are disappointed by the lack of immediate results.

Exercising regularly is very important in staying healthy. It is good for the mind, body and soul. Studies show that people who stay active live longer and feel better. Finding the right exercise or physical activity is the key to make it enjoyable. The more fun it is, the more likely you will be motivated to exercise regularly. Regular exercise has many health benefits in addition to helping you to maintain a healthy weight. Improving cardiovascular fitness (heart, lung, blood systems) reduces risk of developing heart attacks or stroke in later life.

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Although the key elements of living a healthy life are in eating a healthy diet and keeping your weight down, exercise itself plays some other roles in the body. However, as always, there are health warnings too. Here we look at some of the health benefits of exercise, some potential dangers and also give advice on safety when working out. The benefits of exercise, especially cardio forms like jogging and running, really do go beyond simply improving cardiovascular fitness and aiding weight loss.

An active and healthy lifestyle can ward off cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stoke and infections, all of which can prove deadly for elderly people. Exercise can help older people to stay mobile and independent, ensure a healthy heart, keep weight and stress levels under control, and promote better sleep. While younger people are barraged with encouragement to lead healthier lifestyles, the health needs of older people are often overlooked. ?

A study found that the act of exercising helps women to feel happier with the way they look, even when there are no major real improvements. Just doing a fitness class or going for a run is enough to put people in such a positive mood that they feel that they are fitter and healthier. This revelation could lead to a change in the way we tackle eating disorders. In most cases an eating disorder develops as a result of a person thinking that their body is not good enough, usually too fat.

Many people aspire to the celebrity model of “fitness” and want to look like an actress or pop star and develop eating disorders as a result of being overly critical of their own body condition. Exercising could be enough on its own to raise self-esteem and make people feel better about the way they are. Encouraging people with eating disorders to exercise every day, ideally in classes and team games, could put an end to many eating disorders. In the other hand, exercise can be fun and it doesn’t have to be the traditional walking, swimming or biking.

You can try different sports or traditional exercise programs if you wish, or you can take up an active hobby like gardening. Even better, make a regular fitness routine sociable by forming a hiking club, a time for you and your friends walk the mall for 30 minutes. Making sure your activities are fun is the most important step in your decision to be healthy and fit over the long term. As a conclusion, doing a variety of enjoyable activities will enrich all aspects of your life and be easily maintained; the side benefit will be a strong and healthy body.