Explain how objectives vs subjective varies

Explain how objective versus subjective perspectives influences the decision making process. What role do you think this variable has played in all the negotiations conducted and decisions made by US companies and Japanese companies? Objective perspective is purely based on facts and not opinions. The decision maker compares and contrasts what they have gathered about the subject In question with what others have gathered. Subjective perspective leaves room for one’s pollens and feelings toward the subject In question. This means that the decision made will entirely depend on the person’s pylons and perspectives.Role played In all negotiations conducted and decision made by US and Japanese companies.

Research shows that In the US, decision making Is more objective, analytical and impersonal. This Is a result of a high drive for achievement In form of challenges and need to be recognized and praised by others. Decision making is also democratic and hierarchy type where someone in a senior position is likely to make a decision without consulting the junior team. Every situation is however analyzed to conceptualize potential solutions thus decision making is a slow process many alternatives are considered.

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In Japanese decision making is subjective meaning it involves emotional and personal thinking. This is a result of high need for affiliation Independence and personal power. Executives favor decision making outcomes that preserves already established relationships or help give rise to new ones. Decisions making is by consensus rather than majority resulting to low cognitive complexity but a strong people orientation. Focus is on understanding multiple alternatives.

Long term perspectives are taken resulting to creativity and idealism.