Explain to be transferred through the metal rod,

Explain why metals are good
conductors of electricity giving one example of a metal which uses this
Metals are good conductors of electricity because they the metals are
held together by bonds. These bonds are very strong because the most outer
electrons of the atom belong to a foggy or cloud called delocalized
electrons (Not bound to any specific atom), which allows them to move
around to different atoms. When they travel they are able to travel
through positively charged ions called lattice.

When copper rod is attached to a battery the delocalized electrons move
randomly but at a higher frequency allowing the electricity to be transferred
through the metal rod, allowing for conductivity.

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Explain why metals are good
conductors of heat giving one example of a metal which uses this property.

is the same as electrical conductivity but except when heat is applied to the
metal, like any other structure the atoms start to move faster and vibrate,
bumping into more ions in the metal more frequently. Because the delocalized
electrons are not bound to any specific atom they are able to do this faster
and they vibrate even more allowing for higher kinetic energy, therefore
conducting more electricity that other substances. For example steel is a good
conductor of heat that can be used in heaters or hot water tanks, because its
properties and the delocalized electrons they are able to pass the energy
through more quickly.


Explain why many metals are
strong giving one example of a metal which has this property.
The strength of a metal is defined by how much force is needed to deform
it. This means that metals take more force to deform them. In order to
deform them heat is applied to make them more malleable. For example metal
alloys are much more stronger than metals because they are formed with
other metals to make them. For example steel is one of these metals. If on
the other hand the elemental metal (normal) is composed by the same atoms
they are able to be compacted tighter and slide over each other easily
allowing fore more softness or malleability.


Explain why metals are shiny
giving an example of a metal which uses this property.

are shiny because there are a lot of delocalized electrons allowing for a lot
of movement in a metal. Because the negatively charged cloud of electrons is
under the smooth metal surface it allows for a consistent background behind the
positively charged atoms. This then forms a plasma in-between the two charges.
When light is applied this plasma is then absorbed by the excited electron and
it releases a photon with the same wavelength which it has absorbed. This then
means that the photon is bounced off the surface of the surface of the metal
and therefore reflects it making it shiny and lusters. A metal like this is

Explain why metals are
generally solid (except for mercury).
Metals are ionic compounds meaning that they have high melting and
boiling points. When a metal and a non-metal are combined they make an
ionic compounds, which is when an ion merges with another ion. This then
means that a cation and anion present because there needs to be an
opposite ion, in order for them to attract one another. Therefore the pull
between the anion and cation are very strong and therefore the structure
of the metal is very dense, and requires a large amount of energy to
separate the ions. A metal like this is titatium have a large number
positive ions (+) in the sea a lot of delocalized electrons (-) and
therefore are very strong to break, therefore causing it to be hard to
Explain why metals are
malleable and ductile giving examples of why this is a useful property to
Malleable means that metals can be made into large sheets and ductile
means that they can be made into wiring that can be made into cable work
for household items such as toaster wiring. This can be allowed because
the metals can be on top of each other and scrunched up without breaking
their bonds, allowing them to stay the same element. If the metal is able
to undergo small pressure and the retain to its original form it can be
labeled elastic. If it stays in a formed position is a large amount of
pressure the shape is permanently changed. Because the delocalized
electrons can move around easily the atoms can be arranged and manipulated
allowing it to retain the newly formed shape because it allows the
electron cloud from moving back around the moved atoms.

Silver and copper are used for wiring in electrical forms because
they are ductile. This is a useful property to have because this means that
they can conduct electricity and can be adjusted to their usage by changing
they shape. Aluminum is a metal that is malleable, and can be found in
households such as aluminum wrap, to wrap foods in. This metal can be beaten
into very thin sheets for easier wrapping.