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What Is the study of weather and the forces and processes that cause It? Meteorology 2. What is the first step in any problem-solving strategy? Stating the problem in the form of a question 3. What do we call the measure of how much space on object occupies? Volume 4.

What is the measure of the force of gravity called? Weight 5. What branch of Earth Science researches the properties of seawater? Oceanography 6.What do we call a prediction about a problem that can be tested? Hypothesis 7. What is the measure of the amount of matter in an object? Mass 8. What two branches of Earth science are related to a situation where a scientist studies the effect of an earthquake on the tidal range of a small inland bay? Since an earthquake deals with the study of geology and tides are the result of the moon’s gravitational influence on water, it is logical to say this deals with astronomy.

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9. What Is the boiling point and freezing point of water In the Celsius scale?Freezing CO and bobbling CHIC 10. Give an example of an indirect measurement other than the area of a room.

Another example could be measuring the distance from one place to another by timing how long it take for a constant velocity vehicle to reach the other point and using the fact that distance equals velocity multiplied by time (d = VT) changes that occur? Geology 12. What are the four spheres of Earth and what is included in each one? Atmosphere-includes all of the air that surrounds the planet; blocks out 99% of ultraviolet rays from the sun.Biosphere- all living organisms including people, plants and microorganisms.

Exosphere-the solid Earth. Hydrosphere-all forms of water on Earth including solid ice, liquid water and water vapor. 13. Write these in correct scientific notation: 0. 0000123 and 450000000000. 1. 23 x 105 4. 5 x 1011 14.

What are the sources of energy in the Earth’s energy cycle? Solar energy (sun light), geothermal (heat from within Earth), tidal (energy from the gravitational pull of the moon on Earth) 15.List the steps to the scientific method as we learned them here. 1 . State the problem 2. Gather information 3. Test the hypothesis 4.

Draw conclusions 5. Report results 16. Explain why scientists are likely to use scientific notation when having to write many different numbers in their data? Scientific notation allows scientists to express large or small numbers accurately so that they can communicate their data to other scientists without increasing the number of errors 17. How are direct and indirect measurements important to science?Since science is all about taking accurate measurements, both are important because some measurements could not be made without indirect measurements (like the distance to Mars) while other measurements would be impractical to make without indirect measurements (like the area of a large room). 18. What is meant by the statement “The branches of Earth Science are connected”? All the branches of science are dependent on each other. One cannot know everything about one branch without also considering how the other branches fit into