Exploring the factors of market analysis

A selling environment comprises of macro and micro elements.

Sellers should see both internal and external environments to understand the whole of the market in which they want to sell their merchandises or services ( Masterson and Pickton, 2004 ) .Normally, in a clip of recession, clients do non pass excessively much money on abroad vacations ( Mintel, 2009 ) , because they see them as a luxuries. One could anticipate, hence, clients would prefer take short metropolis interruptions or a domestic vacation. Businessman besides may take budget priced adjustment for their concern trips.Furthermore, consumer-spending power has diminished, as they have had to ‘draw-in ‘ their bag strings, although degrees of personal disposable income have been maintained to a grade because of historically low involvement rates.

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Mintel ( 2010 ) estimates that personal disposable income stagnated between 2004 and 2009. The hotel industry has been notably affected by the recession.Environment analysis utilizing such theoretical accounts as, PRESTCOM, Porter ‘s Five Forces, SWOT Analysis and Segmentation can be used to analyze the consequence of the recession upon the hotel industry and for this ground theoretical accounts will be used in this study.


Up to 1978, the hotel industry developed quickly but after that day of the month, the economic system progressively became market-oriented. This betterment created a much better environment for the industry in which to develop ( Hornsby, 1990 ) .Harmonizing to Kotler ( 1996 ) , the political environment strongly affects the cordial reception industry.

The political environment is comprised of Torahs, authorities bureaus and force per unit area groups that influence and restrict the activities of assorted administrations and persons in society.Furthermore, the EU has proposed programs to patronize vacations for persons who do non hold adequate money to travel. Harmonizing to Travel Weekly ( 2010 ) , these programs assist many clients with fiscal jobs to hold a vacation. For illustration, immature individuals aged from 18 to 25, handicapped people and pensionaries, etc.

The thought to assist these people travel was put frontward by Antonio Tajani, the EU Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry, who declared that a vacation is a human right.Therefore, this proposal could really excite ingestion and offer persons more chances to hold vacations. Possibly this might be good intelligence for the hotel industry during the recession.



An environment that is regulated protects companies from each other. While most concerns praise the virtuousnesss of competition, they try to antagonize it when it affects them. Another manner is try to curtail a company ‘s unjust traffics and illegal minutess. Furthermore, ordinance besides aims to protect consumers from unjust concern patterns. If unregulated, houses might supply insecure, low quality merchandises, hapless services, be untruthful in their advertisement or deceive through packaging and pricing.VisitBritain, the organic structure, which aims to advance UK touristry, has launched a ?6.

5 million advertisement run outside the UK to advance the affordability of Britain as a finish. However, it calls for this investing to be matched by the UK authorities have so far been unsuccessful ( Mintel, 2009 ) .Furthermore, hotel and eating house revenue enhancements have become a popular beginning of gross for local authorities. Hotel revenue enhancements are supposed to be used to back up touristry ; nevertheless, how this money is spent has been capable to broad reading.

Therefore, hotel directors should do certain that these revenue enhancements, which are designated to advance touristry, are used decently and efficaciously.


One factor that complicates the state of affairs is the failing of the lb against the Euro and Dollar. Sterling has lost value quickly over the last twelvemonth.

In July 2008, one lb would still purchase $ 2 but by November 2008, it was deserving merely $ 1.48, the lowest degree for 6 old ages. Similarly, at one point the lb was about equal in value to one Euro. While this is bad intelligence for people purchasing goods or going outside the UK, it besides means that UK goods and services become more beautifully priced from the point of position of Euro Zone or USA travelers ( O’Grady, 2008 )The economical environment is comprised of the undermentioned factors:Wage rising prices: During a recession rewards might increase.

It is depends upon determinations to cut or increase rewards that are made by employers. Therefore, hotel directors should pay more attending to income distribution every bit good as mean net incomes.Monetary value rising prices: In a recession, if the economic system declines so trade good monetary values will lift.

This factor will act upon the determinations clients make whether to go or non.Gross domestic merchandise per capita ( GDP ) : The most of import economic factors are client ‘s buying powers and disbursement forms. GDP can bespeak the magnitude of these factors, because entire buying power depends on current incomes, monetary values, nest eggs and recognition. Hotel directors, hence, must be cognizant of major tendencies in income and altering consumer-spending forms.Exchange rates: The UK economic system has weakened, the value of the lb against the Euro has decreased and hence, clients might take domestic touristry for their vacations.Even during a recession, clients still holiday but prefer to take short interruptions to honor themselves. Mintel ‘s Annual Survey of Spending Priorities in 2009 showed that vacations remain the taking concern for consumers, despite the recession.Furthermore, all other taking consumer precedences showed small alteration compared to pre-recessionary times.

Specifically, hotels in the UK appear comparatively inexpensive since the autumn in the value of sterling and therefore more attractive to inbound travelers and tourers. At the same clip, this means it is less attractive for UK tourists to go to the Euro Zone or USA and more attractive to remain at place.



The age profile of the UK population is increasing. Furthermore, Mintel ‘s ( 2009 ) sole consumer research reveals that older grownup use of budget hotels is somewhat below the national norm ; nevertheless, it is slightly more than for immature people.However, even during the recession, some people remain unaffected and they still stay in luxury hotels, such as, the Ritz or the Hilton.

They do non care about the cost because they lead a epicurean life style. Although these people have non changed their form of ingestion, nevertheless, most clients will be affected by the recession and they might prefer to take budget and non mid-range hotels when they travel.


5 Technological Factor

Technology has a significantly affected the hotel industry in many ways, for illustration, Travelodge launched a free iPhone application that allows users to turn up their five nearest Travelodges by GPS. They can see the handiness, monetary values and book suites. Furthermore, clients can reserve their adjustment or check-in by via cyberspace. In add-on, they can obtain information via new platforms, such as, Facebook or Twitter. These and other technological progresss aid companies to go more effectual in the market place, nevertheless, internet incursion degrees and demographic dislocations might do operators utilize of this distribution channel of all time more feasible. If houses adopt utile technological progresss, they will derive a competitory border.


Since hotels are a service industry, human resources have become an indispensable component of the market. If the turnover ratio of employees is low, the centripetal of employees will be strong.

As a consequence, the company will hold the advantage of competition.The chief replacements who could replace the clients ‘ determination in the UK hotel market are those from other states. Foreign clients may be after to see the UK from topographic points where they live, such as, France and Spain. However, Country House or Bed & A ; Breakfast hotels and so on which could besides endanger replacements in the UK domestic hotel industry.Hotels find themselves with different jobs compared to their entrants. These jobs include a high barrier of issue and entry costs with the investing. Thus, the big capital investing required to construct a hotel represents a sunk cost.

Hotels may non run into all their debt payments, revenue enhancements and other fixed costs but they can bring forth adequate net income to cover their costs. Even they are possibly prepared to run at a loss instead than shut their doors wholly. However, when there is an glut of hotels but the entire figure of suites remains the same, the consequence will be a monetary value war within the industry.


A Hotel trough should make up one’s mind how to prosecute with the procedure of inn direction utilizing his/her capableness and accomplishments and be able to set and develop it to accommodate to client demands and penchants. For illustration, if a hotel could supply a high quality service or advance a peculiar customer-desirable activity so client return ratio will be increased.

However, the job that faces the hotel industry is enrolling qualified staff that can fulfill the criterion of service required by clients. Most service employees lack the cognition and accomplishments to supply a service that meets international criterions. This may be because employees have non received equal preparation in the accomplishments that are required.For case, Whitbread has decided to open 1,700 Premier Inn suites across the UK during 2009 and 2010.

Whitbread is be aftering to increase their market portion of the UK hotel industry. It will try to accomplish this by constructing up its market place and supplying clients with cost-efficient bundles ( Mintel, 2009 ) . It besides plans to develop their engagement platform, heighten their gross revenues and put into topographic point the following stage of its gross direction system.


8 Market FACTORS

In the market sector, the most of import thing is the client ; houses should confirm the clients they want to make and their market cleavage.At the terminal of 2007, the UK cordial reception every bit good as the hotel industry worldwide had been barely affected by the recession and many observers predicted that this would last until at least 2010. In the class of a few months, by early 2009, consumers had radically changed their attitudes and ingestion. The optimism that had been expressed earlier could non be sustained ( Mintel, 2009 ) .

The figure of concern travelers taking budget hotels for their commercial trips is increasing. Furthermore, the start of this tendency corresponds to the beginning of the recession in 2008. Many companies have reduced their budget for commercial travel in response to recessive conditions ; hence, commercial travelers now use budget hotels instead than mid-market 1s.

‘Green vacations ‘ and the consequence of frequent air travel upon the environment are being raised as concerns ( Bainbridge, 2009 ) . Customers who want to cut down the effects of their pollution upon the environment choose to vacation within the UK ( Bainbridge, 2009 ) . However, these concerns are non wholly good for the UK cordial reception industry because abroad tourers portion these beliefs, so this could cut down inward touristry into the UK.

Salvaging the environment, nevertheless, is presently a comparatively low precedence for most consumers but surveies indicate that ‘green issues ‘ will bit by bit go more of import in the hereafter ( Key Note, 2009 ) .A old survey has claimed that more clients prefer to vacation in the UK because of ‘green ‘ considerations and as an option to winging abroad. Therefore, in 2008, travelers might take the ferry to vacation as a ‘greener ‘ option ( Key Note, 2009 ) .Budget hotels have made of import investings in order to shut the spread with mid-market trade names. The three top most improved trade names in footings of advertisement consciousness are Premier Inn, Travelodge and Holiday Inn Express.

2.2 SWOT analysis


1 Strengths

The UK, like many other states, after rapid economic growing with an unfastened policy has now become one of the universe ‘s most attractive topographic points for travelers. On a positive note, the hotel market in the UK is a strong and sophisticated 1 that offers a broad scope of options, which could run into different types of client demands. This includes internationally celebrated trade names every bit good as smaller single endeavors. Furthermore, there is a powerful publicity and support system in topographic point for tourers through administrations, such as, VisitBritain.Furthermore, the scope of hotels offering different monetary values could run into single consumer demands. Luxury, in-between scope, budget and even the state house hotel could fulfill every consumer. In add-on, the growing of the budget hotel sector opened up a wider scope of clients to the hotel market.In the past 10 old ages, due to the rise in the degree of consumers ‘ disposable incomes, the short – break leisure market has grown.

This phenomenon has allowed clients to hold more domestic vacation pick and encourage travel within the UK. This tendency has proven really positive for the hotel industry.Another factor that has strengthened the hotel market is the on-line reserve system. Customers are able to seek for information, adjustment and book suites online. This system is non merely convenient for clients it is besides efficient.


2 Failings

Profitableness is a major concern for hotels. They worry about losing money during the class of concatenation operations. In add-on, there remains an absence of an efficient system to supervise hotel direction, which includes employees and retired employees etc ( Gavin, 1997 ) .The bing failings in the cordial reception industry are described below.Recession has been the influential factor from 2004 to 2009. As noted by Keynote ( 2010 ) , the figure of visits peaked in 2007 but fell during 2008 by one million.In the face of room glut, tenancy rates averaged about 60 per centum but this figure fell by eight per centum during 2007 to 2008 ( Keynote, 2010 ) . In an effort to counter this autumn, monetary values were reduced but this may decrease profitableness.

Mid-market hotels are coming under force per unit area, being squeezed, between budget and luxury hotels. Competition in the mid- and budget hotel market is going more intensive and likely there will be a monetary value war.The public presentation of the planetary economic system has a direct influence on the cost of hotel equipment. These costs have been lifting and consequentially the fiscal load has become heavier.

2.2.3 Opportunities

Many tourer and hotel functionaries now believe that the UK will go the universe ‘s most attractive visitant finish by 2011. This is considered an encouraging mark and a great chance for those who want to spread out their hotel concern in the UK.

Any enlargement is anticipated to be within the mid- or low-grade hotel sector. The demand for high star rated luxury hotels among the assorted hotel direction groups is non expected to lift ( WTO, 1999 ) .In late 2008, the lb fell against foreign currencies and was really about equal to one Euro.

This means that UK services, including hotels and tourer attractive forces have become more attractive to abroad tourers as they get more value from their Euros or dollars.The development of a planetary online reserve system will non merely do hotels easy approachable but besides provide an chance to entree a wider client base.Harmonizing to Keynote ( 2008 ) , the age profile of the UK population is increasing. Many consumers that belong to this enlarged senior sector of the population have disposable assets, which they use to bask their leisure.

In add-on, the figure of retired persons is lifting, which will hold a positive consequence upon the hotel market.In the following decennary, due to a figure of organized activities, such as, the 2012 London Olympics, more attending will be paid to the UK by the international market and it is anticipated that this will advance a growing in demand from abroad visitants for adjustment.Few leisure installations, for illustration, eating houses and bars can get by with any excess concern and, hence, they are unable to make possible gross revenues from the local country and hotels.


4 Menaces

Since 2004, the long-stay leisure market, that is, corsets affecting five darks or more has been in diminution. Furthermore, the figure of long-stay hotel suites booked in 2008 reduced by more than a half compared to 2006, at eleven million ( BMRC, 2009 ) .The menace of terrorist activities could deter abroad travelers to remain in the UK.The success of the budget hotel sector is a menace to mid- and upmarket hotel ironss. During the recession, clients may take low monetary value adjustment for their touristry.

For illustration, self-catering and other less expenditure manners of adjustment manifest a large menace at this clip.Some budget air hose companies that offer low-cost flights to travelers for short weekend interruptions may vie with domestic travel in the UK.

2.3 Porter Five Forces

The construction of the hotel industry strongly affects competition between its members, which in bend directs determinations about the pick of schemes that are used by them. Therefore, Porter ‘s Five Forces analysis will be used to look into the industry.The analysis includes the menace of new entrants, competitory competition within the industry, the menace of replacements and the bargaining powers of purchasers and providers.


3.1 The menace of new entrants

Suitable hotel sites are non easy to happen and edifice costs are really high. Furthermore, investings can non instantly be recovered, particularly during the period of building.

This factor represents a strong barrier to come ining this market. The UK has enjoyed some of its highest periods of growing in belongings monetary values in recent old ages. The building industry has been severely affected by the latest recession.

Developers are barely able to derive recognition to back up big graduated table edifice strategies ; hence, many hotel undertakings have stalled ( Blitz, 2009 ) .Aside from new developments, hotel directors who are unable to entree farther recognition are happening things more hard. Larger operators and branded ironss are able to look to the medium and long-run over which a roar for hotels and travel are predicted due to emerging markets but smaller operators have less entree to the resources that they will necessitate in order to last the following twosome of old ages ( Blitz, 2009 ) . As a consequence, the menace of new entrants into cordial reception industry is limited.

2.3.2 The competitory competition within industry

In economic downswings, competition occurs within upmarket, midmarket and budget hotels. Mid-market hotels normally cater for tourers who do non go a batch ; besides, their suites are priced much higher than in budget hotels.

In general, when the economic system is in recession, consumer-spending power is less, hence, they might take lower priced adjustment. At the same clip, budget hotels continue with their strong development programs to offer excess suites through the enlargement of new belongings. The development of budget hotels has eroded the mid-hotel ‘s market sector.However, the upmarket hotels have been small affected. Their clients are less likely to alter their ingestion forms.

The life styles of these clients engender really high ingestion. Their outgo would non alter because they are non monetary value sensitive. That is to state, no affair how monetary values alterations, they will go on devouring.

2.3.3 The menace of replacements

There are some replacements in this market, such as, bivouacing, train nines and B & A ; B and state houses. Mintel ( 2009 ) predicted that these vacations are an attractive option for budget witting consumers. These replacements will profit from an addition in the figure of households who because of fiscal grounds elect to remain in UK in 2009 and 2010.

The Camping and Caravan Club market had their best of all time twelvemonth in footings of enlisting during 2008 ( Mintel, 2009 ) . Camping vacations are predicted to make instead better over the following few old ages before the long-run tendency towards diminution is re-instated. However, growing in this country might non be good intelligence for the hotel industry, as by definition ‘a stay in a hotel ‘ does non number as such for this type of vacation.

2.3.4 The bargaining power of purchasers

The hotel industry is faced by ferocious competition. Companies will perchance subscribe a long-run contract with consumers to retain their client base.

Therefore, clients possess a strong bargaining power.Behind big hotel groups, there are big sums of capital to back up them to purchase land and construct new hotels. Consequently, the bargaining power of consumers is rather low with regard to these big hotel groups. Conversely, for little hotels, the bargaining power of consumers is much greater, which means these constitutions might happen it harder to carry through clients, outlooks.

However, clients will segregate into two sectors, viz. , single and group.Customers as persons: This sector will split into concern travelers and single tourers. Business travelers may hold a long-run contract with a hotel, hence the monetary value for them could be pre-negotiated but for single tourers, their bargaining powers are about none.Customers as a group: Groups normally book suites through travel bureaus, affecting a big figure of suites and the travel agent takes the net income. However, the monetary value is still much cheaper than for the person. That is to state, their bargaining power is more than the independent tourer is.

2.3.5 The bargaining power of providers

There are two chief bargaining powers in the industry, one is furniture and adjustments and the other is nutrient and coffin nails. They are outlined below.Furniture and Adjustments: When hotels purchase furniture ; they typically set up standards that they use.

The figure of pieces of furniture purchased is normally in majority instead than separate points. Therefore, orders must be relevant to the figure of suites they operate. For this ground, furniture is supplied by specializer contract suppliers, which are dedicated sections of concerns that already cope with the domestic market every bit good.Food and Cigarettes: Many nutrient and coffin nail makers have their ain specialised sector that supply and trade with the demands of the hotel industry.However, dickering power is dependent on the size of the hotel. If a company has really many hotels so its dickering power with its providers is enhanced. Conversely, if the company has few hotels so its dickering power will be limited.

2.4 STP procedure — -Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning


1 Cleavage

Harmonizing to Swarbrooke and Horner ( 1999 ) , the tourer market is divided into demand features within a figure of the different sections, which are described below.Family market: The definition of household means two parents with one to three kids. The penchant of many households is to understate the cost that is required to run into their desire to hold a holiday. However, these demands will depend on those of their kids.Hedonic tourer: Harmonizing to Kozak and Andreu ( 2006 ) , the figure of hedonic tourers has increased in recent old ages.

They prefer a topographic point with Sun, sand and sea, such as, Ibiza. In fact, they have a desire for physical pleasance and a societal life.The backpacker market: Backpackers by and large keep their outgo to a lower limit ; they have the clip and want escapade as portion of their vacation. Furthermore, this tourer normally travels independently instead than in a group.VFR ( sing friends and relations ) : Peoples do non remain in commercial adjustment and normally domestic travel is involved ( Swarbrooke and Horner, 1999 ) .

This signifier of touristry could besides associate to nuptialss and funerals. In peculiar, their budget is limited in a similar manner to that of a normal vacation.Sightseers or day-trippers: In general, these travelers do non go far and it involves domestic conveyance. They would make non normally remain overnight.Educational tourers: They normally travel to other states, for illustration, for foreign civilization, pupil exchanges or go toing linguistic communication categories.Religious tourer: This signifier of touristry can be seen as duty or responsibility for those who have faith and belief but late traditional spiritual touristry has become, in portion, a sightseeing circuit, which visits churches and cathedrals ( Swarbrooke and Horner, 1999 ) .

However, they normally visit the topographic point at a specific clip, such as, the Haj.The snowbird market: The ‘snowbird ‘ refers to a tourer that travels during the winter, in order to avoid the cold conditions. Retired people usually take this type of holiday because they have the clip to go.

Tourists with disablements: Harmonizing to Swarbrooke and Horner ( 1999 ) , there are many sorts and grades of disablement, which include the followers:Mobility jobs: These persons are confined to a wheelchair and may hold trouble in mounting stepss.Sight jobs: These persons have minor oculus damages and ill-defined vision.Hearing troubles: These persons have hurts to their ears and their hearing is impaired.It is of import that hotels have regard for these conditions and have person available to help them.The short interruption market: This means tourers use their two-day weekend to hold a holiday. Harmonizing to Mintel ( 2007 ) , the short interruption market is go oning to turn despite an overall stagnancy in the growing of domestic touristry.

It is forecast that the volume of the short interruption market will increase to 9.5 million and its pecuniary value will be ?2.5 billion by 2011.Commercial travelers: They normally travel for concern and by and large affect domestic travel.

2.4.2 Targeting

In order to associate to the research objectives of this study as described in earlier in this chapter, the research worker will ask into the budget hotels to look into their mark market.Budget hotels focus upon three types of domestic tourers during economic downswings: commercial, household and short interruption. Budget hotel features are relevant to these three types of tourers in footings of limited cost, clean and comfy adjustment in which to populate. In add-on, the fact that at that place many ironss are available in this sector means that travelers can be reassured sing outlooks and quality as they are purchasing into a trade name name ( Brotherton, 2004 ) .


4.3 Positioning

Harmonizing to Baines, Fill and Page ( 2008 ) , positioning is of import for a concern because it differentiates it from other rivals. As Mintel ( 2010 ) argues, the first physical properties of budget hotels for clients is that they have quality criterions, consistent service and are located in many topographic points, which are convenient to entree. Harmonizing to ( Brotherton, 2004 ) , the 2nd placement elements for budget hotels as perceived by clients are value for money, cleanliness and have a great trade name repute.Marketing communicating can be used to place trade names as a scheme to pull clients ( Shimp, 2003 ) . Budget hotels place their trade name, merchandises and services via three basic consumer demands, such as, functional, symbolic and experiential ( Keller, 1993 ) . These are described below.

Functional demands: Budget hotel sellers adopt new engineering and season gross revenues to appeal to consumers ‘ demands for convenience, value for money, physical comfort, etc. These wants can run into consumers ‘ functional demands and trade name satisfaction.Symbolic demands: Budget hotels appeal to symbolic demands with their desire or self-image to tie in with the trade name.

For illustration, tidiness, cleanliness and efficiency, etc.Experiential demands: Budget hotels use quality criterions for adjustment to turn to the experiential demands for consistence and hygiene.For a seller, it is of import to acknowledge that trade names benefit by carry throughing these demands, even by a combination of any two. This undertaking will look into consumer attitudes toward the budget hotel market during a clip of economic downswing and analysis how the recession affects consumers ‘ ingestion forms and budget hotel scheme.