Answer the question (use the terms of the question) Elaborate on the different aspects of belonging that you will be discussing Introduce your prescribed and supplementary texts Briefly explain how each text presents ideas about belonging Body (3 main points) Topic sentence that answers the question and gives a concise indication of the direction your paragraph will be going in Detailed discussion of how the composer explores the concept of belonging in the text Explicit detailing of techniques used Close textual evidence to support your argument

Detailed, in depth analysis of how your techniques and supporting textual evidence present a particular concept of belonging Concluding sentence that links your discussion back to your main argument Each paragraph deals with a clearly defined separate point Each topic sentence links back to the previous paragraph, building on your argument Conclusion Restate the terms of the question Explain how analysis of each text has demonstrated various concepts of belonging Common Mistakes Checklist Before submitting a piece of work for marking, ask you resell the following questions.

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Does your response: Base its answer on one prescribed text? Include several other related texts? Answer the question posed? Explain what each text says about belonging? Explain how each text conveys ideas about belonging? Have balance in the treatment of each text? Make connections between the texts? Compare and contrast ideas and technique uses? Draw all these ideas together and synthesis them into an argument? Use formal and sophisticated language? Have a clear and logical structure? Use correct spelling, grammar and paragraphing?