Facilities and Managing Hotel

In addition, the hotel also has a few things to consider before choosing building systems. In terms of: – Safety – Environmental sustainability – Operational Efficiencies – Cost Effectiveness Customize to the demand of the hotel, not merely to follow the trend, but the benefits afforded by the building material itself. Us Mary of Articles Leeds: More Guest Satisfaction and Higher Profitability” Nowadays, most of the spaces in the hotel are using Leeds for the lighting, both indoor and outdoor. For examples: -Indoor: Guest rooms, lobbies, conference rooms, corridors, stairwells, etc. – Outdoor: Wall packs, flood lights, and parking lot.

Commonly outdoor lights are on 12 hours a day so that the required high wattage light bulbs made from metal halide or high-pressure sodium. Leeds are the ideal solution that can be use as an alternative. By using Leeds as lighting can diminish energy costs rather than traditional light sources. In addition, Leeds also can create the atmosphere of the room more comfortable so as to improve guest satisfaction. Analysis of article: Long lifespan Leeds offer efficiency in durability without replacing it for 11 years or 35 to 50 times longer than incandescent lighting and about 2 to 5 times longer than fluorescent lighting.

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No bulb replacements, no ongoing disposal program, maintenance-free operating life. Cost effectiveness Use at least 75% less energy than incandescent lighting LED lights offer the highest energy savings, the quickest payback time and the highest ROI in these applications. 2. Article 2 – “Sustainability Makes Design Impression in Oregon Hotel’s Bathrooms” Oxford hotel has a concept of echo-chic and the hotel has a mixed environment-friendly design elements. One of the examples is the guest reception counter feature recycled and handcrafted glass slabs.

For the bathroom, Oxford hotel offers a shower, soaking tub, sink ND low flow fixtures, as well as dual flush toilets housed with separate water closet. Which gallons is 1. 8 liquids for the large flush and 0. 9 gallons of liquids for the small flush. With using the dual flush, system can save approximately 45000 gallons of water per year only with implementing the system in one of the waterless urinals. Imagine how many hundreds of thousands of gallons of water saved per year by using the dual flush system.

Analysis of Article: Cost effectiveness With implementing the dual flush system in the hotel can save money on the water bill. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 4,000 gallons f water can save per year per residential household that employs dual flush toilets. Environment sustainability Environmental sustainability The dual flush system can regulate how much water needed, and it can be reduced water consumption. And it will have an impact on waste processing facilities, as well as decreasing the degree to which you contribute to water shortages. . Article 3 – “Hardwood and Tile in Meeting Rooms Flooring Design” To always follow the hot new design certainly cost much. However, at the hotel this into consideration because of the more incentives they use to charge properties such as flooring. And O’Neill said that the hotel did not have to install a high-quality floor in the room, but still be able to apply it in lobbies, meeting rooms and other meetings. The existence of several hotels is afraid to use wood flooring cause of appearing cheap and difficult to maintain.

Nowadays, tile and wood become a trend to design meeting space. By using tiles or wood facilitate the process of cleaning and a durable shelf life. However, wood has a weakness that can cause sound. It can solve by using wall and ceiling treatments to dampen sound. Analysis of article: Operating Effectiveness Wood floors are easier to clean than carpets. With a simple wipe or light vacuum will keep the wooden floors looking clean. Long Durability Good quality wooden floors are last for decades. Only to require minimal maintenance, wood floor will look better as years ago. . Article 4 – “Upscale Fabrics Make Travel More Beautiful” Fabric is one of the most influential accessories in structuring interior design. The selection of colors in harmony with the color of the background and theme of the room put the final touches give the room a finishing touch. Richmond Fabrics Group from the United States offers Thousands of designs in a broad range of prices introduce three major collections: Liz Collarbone Collection concept of high end urban look through a line of decorative fabrics designed special for the hospitality industry.

[email protected] designed for outdoor fabrics are resistant to wear and easy to wash as well light-fast. Provide with a broad range of attractive colors suitable for use for resort and spa. Mod 7 gives the impression of a modern retro look and minimalist by using dramatic colors and designs mix-and-match. Analysis of article: Cost Effectiveness Energy savings in the structure of the fabric is to use daylight to penetrate the Structure to increase the useful light. It can reduce the amount Of electrical voltage and energy used.

So as to reduce overall operating costs and restrain costs for use on a variety of operating conditions. 5. Article 5 – “Carpet; Trends on a Budget, A New Look in Carpet Design” Carpet is one of the favorite flooring material used in addition to wood, tiles, and vinyl, due to long durability and can be use as a sound barrier. However the price of the carpet itself in them also quite expensive compared to other materials. The designers suggest the Examinees carpet that is made from a mixture of nylon and wool. Examinees carpet is to have a long durability on the carpet than some residential-style carpets.

The combination of Examinees carpet with printing technologies can create large graphics on the carpet to avoid a repeated pattern throughout the roll. Follow manufacturers’ cleaning recommendation is the right way to maintain the carpet, because it will have an impact on the durability of the carpet. Analysis of Article: Carpets can reduce energy consumption because the carpet is one type of flooring that provides insulation in the winter and summer. Carpet can be a barrier that keeps the cold and the heat seeping through the floor. The rooms use less energy for cooling and heating that impact electricity usage.

Operational Efficiencies Carpet is an ideal flooring option for overcoming the problem on the sound. Carpets can reduce the effects of emerging echoed by foot traffic or conversation. Therefore, if the hotel guest rooms wanted to create more privacy and a peaceful environment, carpet is a better choice than other floor types. 6. Article 6 – “walls That WOW” Wallpapering offers many options of Corer (1 00-percent polyethylene) to natural fiber linens and Cottons, olefins and polyesters and nonevent. With advances in technology, that can get something with performance and aesthetic characteristics.

There are several keys that into consideration when choosing wellsprings such as goals, environment, theme, budget, availability, type of hotel, service and availability of product, and custom capability of manufacturers. Encouraged to use environmentally friendly products affect the design wallpapering. Such as selecting materials such as PVC that do not contain heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, mercury or formaldehyde. In addition, using water-based inks or organic compounds of low-volatile solvent inks can reduce gassing.

For maintenance wellsprings are advice to follow the recommendation of the product manufacturer because each material has different treatment and criteria. Analysis of Article: Wellsprings is more economical than painting. A painted surface requires more maintenance than wallpapering. However the price of painting is lower than that of wallpapering, but the latter proves to be the cheaper option over the years. It can reduce the expenses by up to 35%. 7. Article 7 – “Stone Surfaces Popular Durability, Variety of Styles” Good impression from the guest is an expected response by the hotel owner or anger.

Of course, the role of building material impact to the hotel achieves goals. An example is stone, tile, wall, etc. Natural stone such as granite has always managed to provide a high end impression to the hotel building and also has fantastic quality. Granite has several advantages such as durability and easy to clean, therefore, it very suitable use in the hotel area, both bathrooms, restaurants, lobbies, etc. Granite has a neutral characteristic that means the stone design will outlast even through several rounds of redecoration.

Granite has a neutral nature and durability that means the tone design will outlast even through several rounds of redecoration. Analysis of Article: – Durability Granite is resistant to staining and scratching and heat resistant. But does not close the possibility of granite was not stained or scratched, in normal use it should be resistant to decay in the long term. – Operational Efficiencies As in as of stone or tile, granite is easy to clean, with just one polished and become clean, even can use baking soda. 8. Article 8 -? “Types of Glass for Buildings” Type text or a website address or translate a document.

One of the criteria or the design of the building is to be a mix between attractiveness and safety. Glass is one of the commonly used in building material. The importance of choosing the right type of glass is to meet different needs. Here, a list of various types of glass for particular requirements:- Tinted Glass Keep out the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun Capable of avoiding the harmful rays Save energy – Laminated Glass Safety glass that acts as a protecting from glass after breakage Protect the construction from significant damage due to any breakage. Frosted Glass Transmit light through it but the view is blurred Only see from one side Ideal choice for privacy needs – Energy Efficient Glass Saving energy bill Higher impact resistance Less outside noise disturbance – Toughened Glass More strength compare to the standard glass Safety: when this glass breaks, the shattered remains in small pieces, it will not cut into large pieces, and dangerous like ordinary glass is break. Analysis of Article: Safety Both of laminated glass and toughened glass made for safety purpose.

When the glass breaks, the glass will not cut into large pieces, but the glasses have the capability of holding together. Environmental sustainability Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without reducing quality. More than one ton of natural resources can be saved from every ton of glass recycled. Conclusion From the information obtained from the above report, the selection of building materials adjusted to needs of the hotel not only follow the latest trends, but consider the benefits of building materials.