Factors That Contribute to Domestic Violence

Domestic violence cases against women had increased sharply from year to year .

Most of the abuser have the similar general characteristics such as hypersensitive, low self esteem, exaggerated Jealousy and so on (Liana Epstein , 2003). There are numerous factors that lead to domestic violence particularly against women . First of all we can see that financial dependency Is one on the factors that contribute to domestic violence.Women that play role as housewife usually leak of chance to find aid Job, because they need to look after their children meanwhile they have to do all household duties. Housewife Is a full time Job the Intervening time being a housewife Is an unpaid Job. Therefore they have to depend on their partner to support their expenses . Violence happened when men tend to control his partner’s money or not giving any household expenses . This Is sort of financial abuse .

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Apart from this ,many research Indicates that an abuser that with a personal history of violence also lead to this problem.Men that came from an abusive family where he often saw his father did something cruelty to his mother during his childhood ,most probably will influenced his future marriage life . He will either repeat what his father did to his mother or he will not. Moreover, lack of communication skills is the main reason why they behave in this way . They will use violence as the vehicle of expression on their wife -For example slapping , kicking punching that often leading to permanent injuries and sometimes cause death .

On the other hand , media affect plays an important roles in domestic violence .Through the influence of the media , the tendency of abusing is getting higher in this era . Abuser are more likely to imitate or follow the behaviors or the actions of the films for instance utilize physical strength or weapons to solve problem or achieve their goals . For example, we can see that men who watch pornographic films will greater risk to force his wife to imitate the sexual acts from the films . Furthermore , stereotype thoughts that heredity from the old generations is also one of the factors that contribute to this problem .

Being strong , aggressive and in control are the long-held concept of ideal man . Tendency to use force to gain and control will increase in this case . Lastly , the factors that cause domestic violence is culture influences . In those underdevelopment country , concept of feminist have not been advocated yet . TLS Indirectly influence the social status of women . At the same times , women will behave inferiority towards men and did not seek for help when they were abused . This will encourage the risk women of being abused by man.