Factory Farming

Attention Getter: As a kid growing up all I knew was farming, we raised our own animals, grew our own crops and worked the land that allowed us to do so. I can remember growing up smelling the fresh air all around me, except for the occasional smell of fresh cow manure and remember thinking to myself “it’s just decomposed grass and hay. ” Not to be too alarmed.

Thinking back on those I don’t recall being sick very often or ever having to worry about If or not the meat or vegetables and fruit that we were consuming was healthy, because we know where they came from and the condition they were raised in. Here are allot of us that have never experienced that and robbery never will, but we should at the very least should be aware of what we consume and where It comes from, and to also be aware of other sources that may be effected in the process such as the air and water which are both vital for life here on Earth. Introduction of Topic: According to Wendy Matthews of parliamentary. Org Factory Farming is destroying our environment, communities, animal welfare, even our own health and driven small farms out of business.Credibility and Relevance: As I mentioned earlier about growing up on a farm experiencing first-hand the preference of Factory Farms and small farms, it is alarming to know of not only the destroying of our environment and animal welfare, but the small farms getting driven out by something so destructive and harmful to both us and the environment. Preview Statement: 1. First, I will tell you about Factory Farms and how they are and will continue to affect us if we allow them to keep running them the way they do.

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2. Second, I will go over some cause and effects of antibiotics and other chemicals used. . Lastly, I will go explain to you how to help prevent further destruction to ourselves and the environment. Transition Sentence: Growing u on a farm and experiencing first-hand the importance of land, water, air, and crops and animals, that experience inspired me to get to the facts about what Is happening to these resources we need and use every day and know without one he other cannot survive. Mall Point #1 a. Most Animals raised for food in the U. S.

Are brought up on Factory Farms and in most cases the farms have extreme animal suffering. . The Average size hog Factory Farm Increased by 42 percent over all year period and 7 states average more than 10,000 hogs per farm, also egg operations has grown by half over the same amount of mime. The 5 states with the largest flocks’ average at least 750,000 per farm. C. Although EPA is regulating Factory Farms, it has done little or nothing to control manure produced by 41,000 dairy cows in Brown County, Wisconsin, it polluted more than 100 nearby wells, and Wisconsin suffered from chronic illnesses and infections.

Matt-I point # 2 a. Factory Farms are feeding their animals low doses of anti-biotic to prevent disease in filthy, crowded living conditions. B. When the resistant bacteria escapes the factory farms and get into our food and water it can make us seriously ill. . It does not matter if you’re young, vegetarian, or only eat organic meats everyone is at risk of contracting these antibiotic-resistant infections. Main Point # 3 a.There are many ways to change the way Factory Faming is conducting their operations with mass production.

B. Encourage people to raise their own crops and animals, to help small help small farms stay in business buying from a local meat market or produce store. C. We all play a part in Factory Farming if you buy any stores other than local you are contributing to Factory Farming, putting animals at higher kiss of being mistreated and causing environmental pollutions.Transition to Conclusion and Summary of Importance Next time you buy meats or vegetables from a corporate supermarket Just think it may be loaded with antibiotics and/or harmful bacteria that may cause you to get sick or may even take your life, not to mention the inhumane or unhealthy conditions that the animals are kept in which in return pollute our air and water. Review of Main Points a. Now that you’ve become aware on how Factory Farms affect us and how we allow them to continue on this destructive path.

B. Second, we went over some effects of antibiotics being used in Factory Farm animals. . Finally, I have given you ways to prevent further destruction to ourselves and the environment. Closing Statement Now that we all know the cause and effect of Factory Farming our next step should be to maintain a clean environment, clean water and healthy livestock, to maintain our healthy well-being.