Fahion on a Budget

Fashion on a Budget Clothing fashion is an amazing tool used universally to make women look their best.

There are television programs, articles and books that can teach us how to dress well and fashionably. Many women, however, are intimidated by the word “fashion” because It can sound like an expensive en devour. There are a few simple tools that can be utilized that can make this a fun and inexpensive project.We can learn how to shop for clothes on a budget and look fashionable y following a few simple rules: realistically setting aside a potion from each paycheck as a clothing allowance, knowing your personal style, color sand body type and finding the bargain stores which match both your pocket book and your fashion sense.

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Without a clothing budget you can get yourself into a spending frenzy. Unfortunately most of us don’t have endless amounts of cash to spend on everything we want. Therefore budget is essential.First, track the amount of money you are making for one month and subtract all monthly bills and necessary expenses like rent, utilities, car insurance, reedit cards, etc.

The money left over is considered disposable cash. This can be a enlightening discovery to find out how much money is or is not available to spend on extra things like a wardrobe. With this knowledge in mind, set aside a few dollars each paycheck that can be marked for buying clothes. For many of us this can be the hardest thing to do.In my teens, for example, I would get my paycheck and before I knew it, I had spent the entire two weeks worth of pay on one or two shopping sprees. It drove my parents crazy! Since then I have learned to edged for my essential bills every month and set aside a certain amount of money to spend on my fashionable clothes. 2 With your clothes spending budget in place, the next Job on your list is understanding your needs to reflect the different aspects of your lifestyle, such as work, social and sporting environments.Understanding which clothes flatter your body type is really helpful.

Knowing how different clothes fit you if you are short or tall and thin or thick will help you to choose the right styles for your body type. There are websites and books that can help you to determine what happen you are and what style of clothing will look best on you. With your body type established, you can begin building up your wardrobe. Begin by looking through your current outfits and see what fits you well and can be coordinated with different items of clothing.

You then want to continue to buy clothing that will compliment your existing wardrobe to create new fashions. Another aspect of personal style is knowing what colors look best on you because this helps you to steer clear of the crazy colored items in the mall that you can only wear once. One time I ought a neon-green Jacket and when I wore it out in public everyone saw the Jacket, even from a mile away. In that instant the Jacket was wearing me instead of me wearing the jacket.Be careful to steer clear of clothes with colors that clash, don’t color coordinate, and don’t match your body type.

In long run, this will save you money. Where to shop. One great option is to start at consignment and second-hand stores. These are used- clothing stores that contain a wide variety of clothing for a fraction of the original retail cost.

In these stores, having a positive attitude and open mind is important because it can be restating sifting through all the different clothes.Often times, it will feel like you are looking for a needle in the haystack. But when you find an expensive, name-brand designer item for two dollars instead of two-hundred you will be walking out of there singing “Thrift Shop” by singer Macabre and it will all be worthwhile. Marshals, T. J.

Max and Ross are also great places to shop. They often have name brand clothing at a discount because they receive extra clothing that the more expensive stores cannot sell. Another tip to remember is to shop for clothes out 3 of season.A lot of retail stores will have winter clothes in the summer for a fraction of the cost that they would be in the winter and vice verse. When trying to find clothing stores that stay within your budget you must be patient. It can be a process.

Fashion on a budget, is an expression of individual personality. Each of us can learn to live with a monthly clothing budget, learn to recognize our unique body types, understand our best clothing styles and shop at the best stores for our budgets. We can all learn to dress well and develop our unique sense of fashion within a budget.

Lets get going girls!