Personal Desires and Society

In an Ideal world conflict between two opposing viewpoints would not exist, only acceptance and peace. This, unfortunately Is not a perfect world, and neither Is the world that Montage resides In.

Pursuing personal desires over conforming to society can lead to drastic consequences, as does mindlessly conforming to society and disregarding personal values. One must find a balance between the two, and try to reduce conflict between the opposing ideas, to truly lead a healthy and content lifestyle.The various points of this spectrum is shown throughout the novel with the harassers: Claries, Montage, Mildred, Beauty and Granger.

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When one absolutely conforms to their society, and does not value their own true personal desires, what they really want in life, it leads to deep rooted sadness. This sadness is not always readily apparent to the Individual as in the case of Mildred. Mildred is a complete drone to society, and she thinks she is perfectly happy, however she attempts suicide. When Montage confronts her about It she questions, “what would I want to go and do a silly thing Like that for? “.Mildred doesn’t realize the deep rooted sadness she has for her life by completely conforming to society. Another Individual who conforms to society Is Beauty, the captain of the firemen. As a result of this he successfully commits suicide. “Go ahead now, you second-hand littérateur, pull the trigger.

” Beauty eggs on Montage to kill him because he, along with Mildred and many others, are deeply depressed by completely sacrificing their own personal desires and conforming to society. They may not be aware of this sadness at the forefront of their mind, in their subconscious however they are deeply depressed.They have not found a balance between pursuing personal desires and conforming to society.

Lacking this balance creates them to not lead a healthy and content lifestyle, but in fact causes them to be mentally very unhealthy. Individuals can be found on the other opposite of the spectrum, and have a different set of consequences, socially Instead of mentally. Valuing personal desires over ones society may seem Like It would be healthy, but In reality a very real set consequences comes along with It as well.Claries McClellan did not care for her society, and valued her personal desires well above conforming to the society around her. “You are an odd one,” Montage had once said to her.

“Haven’t you any respect? . While she was mentally happy, she was ostracizes by her peers, and eventually her society. This lead to her death. She could not resolve the conflict between pursuing her desires and conforming to society, which lead to social consequences and eventually her death.Montage, later on in the novel, is a character who values his own personal desire to read and learn over society.

This lack of balance causes him to be a wanted man to the people of his society. He was not able to lead a happy and contented lifestyle being pursued, which was a result of never finding the happy medium between his desires and informing to society. Not finding a balance lead to the social aspect of his life being terrible, which means he was not living a happy and content lifestyle.

Very few can live a happy and meaningful life in this world, let alone in Ray Bradbury created desires and conforming to his society, is Granger. His love of books stems from his own personal desire, and the society around him, his own peers, are a group of book loving individuals as well. His ability to pursue his own desires and conform to his own society allows him to lead a happy and content lifestyle. By finding balance teen the two, he has reduced the conflict between the opposing ideas, and is living a happy and meaningful life.These ideas must be adopted by more people, in Granger’s world and our own.

By finding a happy medium between personal desires and conforming to one’s society an individual can lead a much more fulfilled lifestyle. If one values conforming to society over their desires this can lead to mental instability. If personal desires are valued over society this can lead to their social life being destroyed and perhaps eventually ostracizes. Finding a balance, like Granger was able to, is the key to leading a happy and content lifestyle.