Failure and Hav E Time

l Do NT Have e Time to Think ! ” versus the Art o f Ere active e P react ice w EARLIER 76 calla ND the ability y to re-engage e continuously . Is it that the relationship s created have become so trusting that the vulnerability y often associated with ere acetone Is no longed r a concern ? We believe e that is the case, but are not sure.

If communities s of practice in collaborative environment s tend to encourage e reјacetone, then intergenerational I communities s of practice would pea r to require e It .There e is rarely a clear line e of authority y on Joint projects. A compelling g argument t for project completion n must be adopted and Internalize d by all participant s In order to achieve e success. Absent facilitated ere acetone , failure e to appreciate the whole story and understand the null e perspective of several organizations will In crease the Likelihood d of a failed effort. The creation of safe space” become s the critical I element t In successful consortia and the communally s of practice they seek to produce .Without that t space, Rene acetone Is less like y to occur.

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Shared reflection, even in modest quantities, is part of every such successful effort within our consortium and often absent in those that do not meet our hope s and expectations.