Matthias sees this arm of Interaction as pathetic but pleasurable at the same time. “EBook” and other social networking sites present problems of Interacting with people only online and not In person. The sites should be Limited In use and restricted to communicating only with people physically distant, not mentally. These methods are being exploited by the Faceable generation, as they have the tendency to communicate with a person that is reachable in school or in the neighborhood, but instead decided to talk exclusively online and act as complete strangers in person.The Faceable generation must find a way to balance the use of online interactions ND face to face interactions. “Every Faceable act is a soliloquy to our anonymous audience,” (289) allowing this generation to take in information without asking.

This “Online community theater,” perfectly described by Matthias, lets the user to post information about themselves without restrictions. A user can write on their status, “In Mars for the weekend,” and there Is no problem with It being posted up.Although the example is a stretch, Lies and fallacies are all too common on social networking sites. It Is nothing more than a play, where Its user Is the writer, director, and star. The ability to expose Information enables its users to feel power and desired by the users’ followers. This power is taken away when offline, leaving the user deprived of the attention and the ability to create. Creativity to make one’s self more interesting is cut offense offline, which deters the members of this generation from interactions in social setting or any physical interaction.

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The problem with the Faceable generation is the creation of substitutes, ones that seem more attractive and more appealing to the public and the inability to live up to the substitute in the real world. Matthias writes, “Faceable reports to be a place for human connectivity, but it’s made us more wary of real human After many posts on a social networking sites, there tends to be a trend of what you like or dislike. The Faceable generation has the ability to find out and lean about another person without asking or even interacting with the other user.This creates less of a reason to communicate with a person when It Is written on the About Me section.

Faceable has allowed everything to remain open, allowing users ten Treetop AT everything, except Tort Knolling won Is beveling your page. If Faceable allowed users to view its audience, the site would be a “ghost town. It would then promote human confrontation, having man users asking “Why are you looking at my photo/page x amount of times. It would expose the stalkers curious users and Faceable would plummet in users.