False without the proper evidence in the text.As

False AccusationsWhether you may perceive or not, The Crucible is a play written about a series of false accusations. In other words, it’s the act of accusing someone of a misdemeanor,  without proof that they committed this crime. These could either be from accusing someone of witchcraft, to These actions started in our past and now are still going on in our present day life. People are sometimes taken to court and given an unjust trial without evidence of innocence. Throughout the play, women as well as men were falsely accused of practicing or performing the ways of witchcraft. There was various ways of being tested to see if they were witches or not. Within the play of The Crucible written by Arthur Miller, there are many related events or examples of false accusations or the practice of making inaccurate claims without the proper evidence in the text.As for our present day, false accusations happen constantly just like in the crucible. Common crimes of abuse (particularly in children), rape, and murder have a controversy with proper evidence. Many people argue on behalf of a he said/she said, using this as ther form of evidence which cannot be proven. But when children accuse a crime, you dont know whether or not to truly believe them. In the article of  “Witch Hunts & Child Abuse” by Alan Wolfe written in ther year of 2003, tells about a child who claimed a false accusation. Wolfe uttered “Four-year-olds claimed to have been raped at knifepoint (or even with knives). Secret rooms filled with clowns and magicians and reserved for sex crimes were said to exist”( Wolfe 2). If a four year olds claimed this allegation, would you be able to believe them or not? However, there was never no proper factual evidence  found for these charges. The cases were built mainly on the testimony of the childrens word. Whatever the children claimed was the only proof they had. These children were tricked into being led to their conclusions (being raped and abused) by interviewers who crucially coached them. These intervews convinced the young children of a crime done to them, when it possibloy never occured. As it followed, Wolfe exclaimed “Defendants had no opportunity to challenge the testimony. Judges went along, adding their voice of disapproval for the presumed offenders. The convicted were given maximum sentences. Prosecutors congratulated themselves” (Wolfe 2). Therefore, it was never truly said if the children were raped or if they filed a false accusation. This is only one example of a present day accusations.Throughout The Crucible, there are many examples of false accusations within the text. Whether you realize it or not, the crucible was primarily based off of claims made by other characters. For example, Abigail Williams was one of the first accusers in the play. Her blames ruined the lives of roughly 150 innocent people in the neighborhood, which she suspected them of practicing witchcraft. Abigail was a young woman who began blaming people of things out of the ordinary. She had accused Tituba of communicating with the devil and being apart of witchcraft. Abigail said aloud “She made me do it! She made Betty do it! She makes me drink blood!” (Miller 43) Everyone then begins to gain suspison against Tituba, treating her differently. Believing every fault that happened was because of her. Tituba cried out “Bless Him. Bless Him. She is rocking on her kness, sobbing in terror.” (Miller 45) Terrified reffering to god, Protor has sentenced her to be hung. Soon Tituba was lead to her death, due to her lack to prove herself innocent. Once accused it was nearly impossible to prove yourself innocence when accused. Abigail began accusing more and more people throughout the play, that it came to a point if she looked at you, you were automatically a witch to her. The people of Salem started to fear for their lives, that Abigail would falsley accuse them as well. Another example of an accusation within the play would be with Mrs. Putnam. She accuses Sarah Obsorne of being involved with witchcraft, working on the devils side, and that she is also responsible for the death of all her children. Mrs. Putnam cried out:”I knew it! Goody Osburn were midwife to me three times. I begged you, Thomas, did I not? I begged him not to call Osburn because I feared her. My babies always shriveled in her hands! (Miller 47)Sarah was Mrs. Putnams midwife (assistant during birth) and she happened to believe it was her fault her babies died and it must have been because of witchcraft. Later on following into act two, Sarah Osborne was sentenced to her death. She was  hung because of the accusation of being involved in witchcraft, as well as not confessing to it. The history of this false allegations began hundreds of years ago. There was only so many crimes you could be blamed for with no evidence. Although back then, the accusations werent quite the same as nowt, it started off just as false. There is no specific date/year as to when this began but there are articles relevant from many years ago which contain vital information. In the year of 1931, white Americans began to have falsely accused black men of crimes they did not commit. As portraying a blackmales as criminals to white people (racial stereotype).  Boser states information of this accusation:” Two white women charged nine blacks with raping them on a freight train on March 25, 1931. The charges wrecked the young men’s lives, though they escaped the vigilante’s noose. In the heyday of racial hoaxes, unproven allegations strung up some 5,000 African-Americans, says historian Fitzhugh Brundage of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. “Whites didn’t need an excuse to kill blacks.”(Boser 1)These white indiviuals got so used to accusing these black men, they would ruin there lives. White americans shamed blackmales so much they wanted to get them locked away forever. As this is obviously biazzare and upsetting these males went through this, once they were falsely accussed, it wasnt so easy getting evidence to go against the white (women) americans. Lucky enough they escaped this accusation, but others dont get as lucky. Later throughout the years in 1989, a white male struck against the black individuals as well. “Stuart killed his pregnant wife, shot himself to make it seem he was a victim, too, and blamed a black man. Police even apprehended a suspect. When they began to believe that Stuart was the killer, he committed suicide.”(Boser 1) These white americans are truly disgusting in doing this, such a terrible thing to murder someone by accusing another race. The crucible contained many pieces of textual evidence inside of The Crucible. Whether it was in the past, present, or the play, false accusations occur everywhere.  Some obviously occur more intense then others, like being hung in result of witchcraft. Rather then going to jail for quite some time, or getting away with being innocent (rare). Within the play of The Crucible written by Arthur Miller, there are many related events or examples of false accusations or the practice of making inaccurate claims without the proper evidence in the text.