Family seperation

Our Family is the most significant people we have had acquired in our life, god’s gift of safe haven and our primary confidant. You can say that you have friends whom you hold so dear, who you entrust all your secrets, someone you shared memorable experiences and people that could tolerate you with your stupidity and laughs on mistakes committed. Yes! We can say that we can consider good friends to be family, but, your friends may be there today and might not be around In the future.

Me I would like to believe that my friends today will stay and be my friends forever… A family is like a package deal, distinctive persona, character guide and a reference of one’s personality, a mirror of one’s identity and all that.. When a person misbehave and acts impolitely we always say “what kind of upbringing does he/she had? ” “What kind of family does he/she belongs? ” Whatever we do whether good or bad it was always linked to the family that we have. Our family Is always the basis of whatever achievement and/or failure and what we become.

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You can choose who you want to befriend with, but, your family is your family whatever, however and whoever they be, till, they are your family, your clan and your identity. ” On the hind side, a report from the Office of the Solicitor General (OSI) shows that approximately one hundred (100) to two hundred fifty (250) annulment cases was filed in the Office per day a very alarming number of married couple who wants to get a separation. Future denomination of broken homes. _ An annulment case can cost approximately around PH 200,000.

00 – PH 250,000. 00 before completed. Considering the cost of processing plus the weight of your complaint or the court trials/hearings only shows how hard it is to success or to just file an annulment. With the abovementioned situation we assume that not all, who wants a separation, undergo legal process of annulment some Just leave their family or Just agreed upon themselves that it’s not working and Its better If they Just go their separate ways..Considering the rate of poverty In the country I think the unrecorded separation In the country Is more than the average statistics given by the OSI.

There are many factors that results to broken marriage. Number one is the incapacity to sustain the family’s needs if one among the couple or the couple itself could not hurdle financial requirements of the Emily because of the inflation rate or they cannot deal with the standard of living something Like that’. 2) Infidelity which Is one common ground of a lot of annulment cases here and across the globe. A study shows that eighty (80) percent of all the marriages commit infidelity not only among husbands but also with wives or both parties. (3)Communication, this is one major problems among couples who are dealing with the other working abroad for his earnings as the provider does not meet with the needs of the family which is problem number one. Loss of communication exults to misunderstanding and quarrels that leads to permanent separation among couples.

4) Addiction/ Vices, drug addiction/ used of prohibited drugs lottery and result to bankruptcy, depression and worst ruin of the family (5) Sex it is a requirement for couples, it’s a physical needs, let’s face it man has a bigger sex drive than with woman so woman, so we should learn to deal with it we need to satisfy our man’s sexual needs/desire all the time. (6) Commitment and attachment there are times when the ember of the relationship weaken and worst die if this happens there ill be no more romance that starts the loss of desire towards your better half, they start to get cold that leads to fight and sometimes end up to separation.Broken homes mostly affect the children mentally, emotionally, behaviorally and socially. Children who are product of broken homes are tend to be depress they sometimes act not normal because of the challenges he/she encounters in the process. As he/she is from broken home he/she is vulnerable and most of the time point of ridicule among their peers or it can be the other way around as they act out sisters they become aggressive and they engage themselves on negative activities such as drug addiction, fraternity/sorority, wrong social groups or worst they became social disgrace.In conclusion, I suggest that we take separation positively. Separations’ is devastating, but try to look at it as a time for reflection and healing. There are many causes of separation and knowing the main problems in your marriage is essential in preventing separation or divorce.

Work together to solve the problem and seek counseling if you feel that there is a need for professional help.