Fashion Modeling

Every year we see more cases of models being unhealthy, skinnier, and dying from stress or anorexia in the news. But we also see many young girls trying to follow their steps to look Like them. Is It really that easy to be part of the fashion Industry? Or have they tricked us into think it’s all so effortless and fun and that having a gorgeous body will solve all your problems when it is not. The Job of a fashion model is to pose in clothing and accessories and try to display them as attractively as possible so that people will want to buy these products.And what many companies or fashion designers think is that the skinnier the model is, the better it will be. I think they don’t see that they have overweight customers too, in either clothes or magazines. A recent study showed us that most of the fashion magazines we buy, like teen Vogue, Vogue or Glamour, are filled with ads with gorgeous models on them instead of having Interesting Information In articles that might help us In the future.

The chances of becoming a super model are the same as to winning the lottery. Just imagine all the teens in the world dreaming to be the next Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss or HideSlum, well I bet they’re a lot but not all of them have what It takes to be part of this Industry Like physical qualities, determination, commitment, stamina, confidence of course and good humor. Agencies are always searching for girls they think will photograph well and those with a natural beauty. Some girls that may not be very outstanding manage to turn it on for the camera and look amazing In photographs.

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Many of the successful models we know had never thought about modeling until they were discovered because agents can be in a restaurant, streets, and malls just looking for the next “IT” girl. Many times not all of these agents are real.Some of these agents or agencies are run by scam artists who are only interested in taking every last cent you have. They prey on the dreams of young people In order to make themselves rich and the victims are left with nothing. Girls and their parents should be very cautious when taking these decisions because it can ruin their life.

There are other ways girls can get discovered for example by contests like: Ford Models where they had held an annual competition for thirty years In deferent clues around the world called Supermodel of the World, where Adrian Lima one of Victoria Secrets est. model was discovered.Some other past distinguished contestants include Cindy Crawford, Channel Inman, and Iatric Helper, among others. Now at this point in time in which we are living, we have many motivations to be part of the fashion Industry staring with media where they somehow pressure us to be perfect and even sometimes our families can have an important role in these decisions. These days, there’s a growing number of girls and boys who imagine themselves on runways or on the cover of magazines.It’s no wonder; today’s media Is filled with numerous Images of models selling everything.

Many teens now a day think that having a model life is what they want because television shows like Americas Next Top Model teaches us that in order to be successful you need to be thin, sexy and misbehave. Because they’re gorgeous, like Barbie’s Just taken out from their box. When girls are little they have been accustomed to think that the perfect woman has the figure of a Barbie doll, even though Barbie’s measurements are almost impossible in a human body.Academics from the University of South Australia’s research concluded that the likelihood of a woman having Barbie’s body shape is one in 100,000.

So why are we pressured to think that the perfect and ideal women has to be sexy and thin, I know many girls who are not skinny but they have a beautiful personality that you don’t see their body or how they look. We’re living in a glamour-obsessed society and supermodels make it all look so effortless and exciting. But these are not the only reasons or motivations that teens have to choose this career.Sometimes because of physical qualities, girls can be chosen to be part of the fashion world. Like for example Giggles Bјneeded, the highest paid model in the world since 2001 was covered at age of fourteen eating at a McDonald’s restaurant in So Paulo because of her height and her pretty face. Other impulse can be friends or family because sometimes they might push you to try different things or also in some cases parents don’t have money and they can pressure their kids to go and compete on beauty contests since they’re little so that they can help with the house sustain.

In some other cases parents are the ones who oppose to this decisions their kids make because they know how hard and exhausting career this could be and they know the consequences it might have. Parents in difference with friends, they think about future consequences not Just the fun about it, because there are millions of other girls with your same dream of becoming a super model, and its unpredictable whether you are o are not going to make it. In August 2006 a tragedy occurred in South America.A Uruguayan model died from a heart failure while she was participating in a show during Fashion Week in Montevideo. Some models were fired after this horrible event because of their bodies. The ban on “skinny” models performing in shows was first introduced by the Madrid Fashion Week organizers. But many people in and out of the fashion world believe this ban was long overdue, and should have been considered even before the Uruguayan model Elise Roams died. Many countries didn’t accept this ban because they say it’s the designers’ choice.

In Canada agent Ben Barry owns one of the principal plus-size model agencies and he is constantly working at increasing the ways the fashion industry sees beauty. But these plus-sized models cannot Just take lessons from a fashion runway where skinny models walk, because the way a size-two model walks its very different from a size-fourteen. What’s good about plus-sized modeling is that they don’t have the pressure of being obsessed with numbers, but they still have to work to maintain their appearance and stay healthy. “If you want a perfect life, you need a perfect body’.This is the mentality of most of our models. People have noticed that models get skinnier and skinnier every single year, because they’re obsessed with diets and working out.

Models can also be pressured to surgeries recommended from their agents; because sometimes you can have an incredible height but agencies are not hiring you because you don’t have a pretty nose, and managers Orca them to fix those imperfections. Plastic surgery can make everything possible; it can make a not very good looking girl turn into a Greek goddess.There are very few here and there on their bodies. While the effects of plastic surgery are mostly superficial, the psychological impact that such a surgery has on someone who has undergone a procedure is deep. Good plastic surgery not only improves a person’s physical appearance, it can increase self worth of the person, as well, but bad plastic surgery can create an entirely opposite effect; it can completely destroy an individual’s self-esteem, confidence, and perhaps, his or her very life. So this is a decision they should think twice before doing it.Modeling career exposes girls too world of interesting people, some rather powerful and some who Just pretend to be. There are continuous temptations to party, and with this kind of socializing often comes the temptation of drugs, alcohol, and sex which is ever present.

Like every other human, models can have fun but they need to be more careful than a normal teen, they need to know of who and where they go because she or he owes it to homeless and her agency to act professionally and not to give up to temptation.Models are given and have free access to all way of illicit substances. Sometimes these are used to keep weight off. Sometimes they are used to stay awake and alert for shoots or shows that occur at all times of the day and night. Kate Moss in 2005 was featured on the front page of Loon’s Daily Mirror, doing drugs and immediately Barberry and Rimmed Cosmetics canceled their contract with her, but she was lucky enough to bounce again and came back professionally but not all models can have that second chances.Those models that are weak, lazy or immature will never succeed in this career or maybe they can succeed but the pressures of success can lead them to a life full of problems and maybe even death. Sometimes these “interesting” people take advantage of these girls who are not prepared and if they start persuading them and if they feel they’re getting some attention they will do whatever they say without thinking the consequences.

A model must always remember how unfavorable irresponsible behavior can be, not only to her career but also to herself as a person.When you are part of the fashion industry and want you ant the world to fall in love with your image, there’s no way around it you have to sometimes give up things like family and friends to succeed. Modeling really has its cost because of all the pressure they put on you. Some of the main consequences of all this pressure they have are, diseases like anorexia or bulimia, stress, and for some of them even death. Eating disorders among models has never been a secret. Many specialists say that there are a lot of factors that can contribute to anorexia or bulimia among models.

Several researchers in the field use the metaphor of a gun to explain what leads to the start of an eating disorder in a fashion model: genes load the gun and the environment pulls the trigger. Models seem to be suffering the pressure of the fashion industry’s obsession with size zero, according to a new study carried out by the Model Health Inquiry. The study indicates that as many as 40% of models may be suffering from some kind of eating disorder. Anorexia is the most famous eating disorder among fashion models because models with avoid eating, and they take diet pills.But in the other hand bulimia is probably the most common crosier in models because they eat and then they purge, but in both disorders they feel the urge of exercising a lot. Another big problem fashion models can face with is exercise addiction, that it may sound like its good for them but if they don’t treat it in release of endorphins which give a feeling of excitement, or Joy after exercising and models to avoid dealing with difficult issues or situations they exercise so this exhilaration feeling stays for longer and they can forget about their problems for a while.Models many times in their lives are so pressured that they do not know what o do and the easiest way to end with all their problems is suicide. Russian Koruna’s, was a 20-year-old woman who was in so much emotional pain that she jumped to her death from her Water SST.

Apartment in 2008. Some other can’t balance their personal life with their demanding work schedule. I think its very sad hearing about these stories because maybe some of these models could have been later someone important in the fashion industry but the pressure for them to be perfect causes these horrible things. No one in this planet is born perfect.

Plastic surgeries r Photos can make you thing these girl are perfect, but we don’t know the stories of all these models we see in magazines we Just know their names. So in contrast to an effortless life of glamour, models work very hard to reach their dreams and goals even though the spotlights are Just for a while, because new generations of models are coming and soon their names are going to be forgotten, there’s very little chance a model can continue her career after their twenties Just like I have said “the chances of becoming a super model are the same as to winning the lottery’.