Fast hazards. An alarming fact is that more

Fast food restaurants or eaters- The real culprit for Obesity!Obesity is not a rare term today. It’s a trending disease in the medical fraternity which has led toserious health hazards. An alarming fact is that more than 1 in every 3 adults were considered to beobese. It’s not only adults, but children, teenagers have fallen pray to this killer disease. And manyhealth professionals say that it’s fast food that is reponsible for the alarming rise of Obesity.Now, why has obesity become a serious cause of concern todayA decade ago, eating out options were limited to a few restaurants, a fast food centre in few placesand hence people were restricted to home cooked food. With the passing time, technology taking ahuge leap, with more and more opportunities, highend lifestyles of individuals saw the advent ofumpteen number of food options including more of restaurants, fast food chains, food trucks andnot to miss out on, the online food services delivered at your doorstep.Put rightly, the easier the life, the more the health problems. Sedentary lifestyles, hectic workschedules has given rise to eating junk food which triggered the rise in obesity and this lead to morenumber of serious health issues like: Type 2 diabetes, Stress, Cardiac problems, High blood pressure,Bone related problems and Cancer. And the major cause of concern is the young population beingaffected the most.Though fast food is the major cause for this, let’s not blame the food we eat, but we who eat thisfood. First we need to to understand that Obesity is the excess storage of fat in your body inproportion to your height and weight which is also referred to as the Body mass index (BMI). Thehigher this index, your termed as obese.Reason for increae in Obesity? Sedentary lifestyle which includes sitting for long hours, improper sleeping hours, lack ofexercises.? High calorie food like bakery products, oily food, junk food, chocolates, cheese, soft drinks,etc.? Improper eating time and skipping of meals increase the acid secretions which in turn causeobesity.? Due to erratic work schedules and to cope up with the pressure you have false hunger pangswhich prompts you to eat food rich in salt like fried stuff, fast food and more.To solve this rising problem of obesity we need to take the sole responsibility of correcting it byfollowing a few lifestyle changes like:? Firstly, make up your mind with positivity that I will stay fit and healthy, don’t wait, start itnow.? Make simple changes like getting up early, doing work on your own, start with a smallexercise regime be it walking, jogging or cycling.? Instead of starting your day with a whatsapp message, start it with some form of exercise ormeditation.? Do not skip the three super meals of the day that is breakfast, lunch and dinner which wouldcurb your binge eating.? Schedule your work hours and take breaks in between to warm up and freshen your mindand body.? Kick the habit of having junk food slowly, by eating fresh fruits and veggies in betweenmeals, having water or juices.Trying to keep yourself fit by defeating obesity cannot happen overnight, it has to happen slowlyand steadily. Food restaurants are here to satisfy our taste buds, but it’s we who have to know what, where and when to eat.