Favorite sport

If you had to choose your favorite sport, what would you choose? For me the answer to that question is easy. Basketball. My life basically has revolved around basketball since the first time I ever saw Michael Jordan dunk. Playing basketball, to me, is the biggest stress reliever I have tried.

When I get on the court it’s almost like the world is at a stand still and I’m the only one playing. The main reason why I choose basketball as my favorite sport, is because not only can I play it for hours on end but I also enjoy Just watching it.Basketball gives me an enjoyment other sports don’t give me.

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Don’t get me wrong I like other sports such as football, soccer, and baseball, but they don’t get me as excited as basketball does. The anticipation factor of watching basketball I believe is the best part of the game, not knowing whether the ball is going to go in from the three-point shot or if someone going to block it and change the whole game up. Secondly, Lebanon James is my all time favorite player. In my eyes Lebanon is the best player in the NAB, even of all time.Not only is he an amazing player but he is the person that holds up his whole team. In one game alone, I remember Lebanon scoring well over 60 points, by himself. Not only Is he an amazing basketball player, but he Is also designs great shoes.

In conclusion, basketball to me Is life. I could go on and on about how basketball has influenced my life but I’m going to leave you at this. Basketball will never go out of style, people will always love It. In my opinion basketball Is the greatest sport invented.