Feed: Mobile Phone and Technology

One I use technology every single day mostly on the week days because on the weekends I have softball tournaments. My ‘phone Is what I use most of the time, my phone Is always In my hands or on me. Yes I have a laptop but I only use It for school projects, buying things offline and Nettled. I actually do not have a TV in my room by my choice.

I don’t watch any TV, I mostly watch Nettled on my laptop. The APS that I am always on are snapshot, twitter and Instating. There is an app for everything, some games get so addicting where you feel the need to play It everyday which Is a huge distraction to teachers.That Is another reason why kids are always attached to there phones because of the addicting APS.

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My phone Is always near me, It Is an addiction. I always Interrupt what I am doing to respond to someone. It helps that I am always busy with sports so I am not on my phone as much as some teenagers are. After reading this book I have realized that we are so caught up in how many likes we get or how many rewets and favorites we get on our twitter and Instating pictures.

We should be grateful that we have an education and a house and a loving family.We always want more even though we have everything we need In life. I use about six hours a day of technology and on the weekends I use about two hours of technology. I use my phone all the time for games, social networking, testing and photos. I am noticing that even my parents are getting attached to there phones. They can not go to the store for five minutes with out it. Also they have more responsibility then me, they need to know information for our activities. “Technology is Just a tool.

In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher Is the most Important. – Bill Gates. Every school has a piece of technology in the building ‘that students are allowed to use. Technology is always going to be apart of our life, but it is sad that we can not go on a fun vacation without posting a bunch of pictures on Instating or we can’t do something without tweeting. Day Two Yesterday I didn’t use technology for a day, I felt paranoid. I wanted to use my phone the most. But I made plans that day, I went school shopping all day with my friends.

I shut off my phone and put it in my bag and never looked at it at all.It was really difficult in the beginning but I Just kept my self so busy that I did not even bother to look at it. I felt helpless, it felt like someone took my life away. But it did make me realize teal all the time, yes it is a very useful piece of technology but you do not need it by your side every day.

I used to stop what I was doing to read a text message now I tell my self it can wait. The most difficult time of the day was not using technology it’s self. Not using technology is very hard in life because everything needs technology.I am using technology right now to type this paper for school. Not looking at my phone to see if anyone tested me or needed was hard. This was surprising on hard it was to not use technology for 24 hours. Every school has a piece of technology that allows students to use it, technology is very useful tool for everyone.

Even older people are starting to get smartness and laptops, it is not Just teenagers getting addicted to technology. Day Three Yesterday is the day I did not use technology for 24 hours, today I feel relived that I can use my phone again.But it did feel refreshing to not use technology for a day. It bothered me in the beginning of the day but I soon forgot that I even had a phone. It made me feel really good but technology will always be apart of my life, I grew up with it. Ever since I was young I have been interested in technology by the way they work. Technology can also be a learning experience, I used to take my parents old cell phone and I would take them apart then put them back together. It was cool because I learned how these devices work.

Technology is a bad thing and a good thing, we get addicted to it.But when we use technology only when we need it, it is not that bad. It is very sad when someone cares about a text message that they are willing to risk other people lives to read it.

Ever since I did not use my phone for a day I do not even care if I lose my phone, I used to make everyone in my house look for it. Now I just say to my self it will show up. This book taught me a lot about my self actually, I never thought I would be able to go a day without my phone. I decided to pick topic one because it concerned me the most.This book is very to see what people are doing but no one is forcing us to do it we choose to do it. When Titus and Violet are in the hospital they are so mad that the feed is not in there head. That is exactly how we feel when we get our phone taken away or when our phone dies.

Everyone in this generation is trying to be better then one another by having the feed in there head they have all the knowledge in the world. Who would not want the feed because I know I would. Lets say a girl get kidnapped everyone is so busy by looking at there phone no one would notice the little girl getting stolen.People are not that observant any more because they are so focused on there phones. Something on the internet need to be private, so many people post things of people that is very embarrassing. Also cyber bullying is huge in the feed, bullying is huge in this generation. So many teenagers are getting Judged.

Who cares on what people think or do, honestly it is your life and people need to mind there own business. Having the feed is horrible because you are always updating your timeline, oh are always looking at social media.Why can’t we Just make memories with our friends and with out posting what we are doing every 10 seconds. Yeah pictures are nice to have around but not when you are posting them every 10 seconds on a social media.

This book taught me that I do not need my phone by my side at all times. I do not need to look at my social media all the time. Technology is a very useful tool in life but when it gets over used it can kill a life, it can take over peoples life. Hopefully things will be different in the future, and that people realize that we do not need technology every day.