Filipino Political Thoughts

Filipino into a nationalist consciousness through education by speaking in our own language while around the school campus, and adding a subject about Nationalism that will help students be encouraged to show pride and love for their country.Because what I noticed in this generation is the romanticism of foreign culture and language which can be seen cost especially in teenagers and young adults. They tend to admire foreign people and would prefer to study more about a foreign country’s history and culture. And what we need is for us Filipino adults to inspire children to show nationalism, we must be the role models they will look up to.

Because according to Benign Aquinas, “A Filipino is worth dying for. ” Therefore, as one of the new generation, let us help the Philippines become a better country. 2. Formulate your own political principles or framework.

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The basis of such formulation is My own political principle regarding Nationalism is to never forget our own country’s language, because this is the foundation of every Filipino identity. We must be proud to speak in Toga, not because this is required in our Filipino classes but speak it with pride. Nowadays, there is an ongoing issue on taking off Filipino subjects to schools. What I think about this is very UN-nationalistic because this is what makes us a Filipino, we have our own unique and different language. This is what makes us different from foreign people, therefore we must continue to learn it.