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Does Ron Howard tend to ‘sugar coat’ the characters and stories In his films, sticking with a White bread’ theme which makes the film out of touch with reality. “Rush and “Beautiful mind” are both films directed by Ron Howard where a predictable ending occurs.

‘Rush and beautiful mind’ the antagonist ends up showing forgiveness and empathy for the protagonist resulting in a predictable ‘happy ending. ‘ This is despite serious conflict that in reality would usually not results in such happy ending.In both movies I feel that the ‘happy ending was very abrupt leaving a lot of loose end and he leaving the viewer with many questions to ask. I also feel like both endings were predictable and unbelievable, on one hand the viewer is happy that the conflict Is resolved, however you are also left with the feeling of disbelieve as both movies were so full of conflict that it is resolved so cleanly and quickly. Both movies also showcase blandness and an almost fairy-tale’ ‘not in touch with what would actually happen in real life’ theme running constantly throughout both movies. Rush” and “Beautiful mind” are both biographical movies but both have no connection to reality whatsoever.

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I found that Indwell. Mom agrees with the hypothesis saying that ‘The flipped of that Is a reputation for occasionally over sincere blandness, for being a little Whiteboard’ and a little too, well, Archie Cunningham for snobbier chinless like us to wholly embrace. ‘ Foxiness. Com also agrees that Ron Howard movies seem to be a bit to ‘mushy,’ While his movies, “Rush” included, are enticing and easily watched, he tends to play it too “safe,” too “Hollywood,” leaving an unsatisfied feeling in the gut. I also agree with this statement, whilst watching the ending of the film “Rush” I also felt unsatisfied as the film came to a close. I felt like there was many loose ends left and the ending was extremely expectable. Disregarding disagrees. Dubbing Ron as ‘One of the most successful Hollywood directors for over 20 years.

‘ The movie “Beautiful mind” is very much as White bread’ as indirect. Com refers to Ron Hoard’s style of directing to be. White bread’ meaning that indirect. Mom refers to Hoard’s style of directing to the supposed bland and uninteresting nature of white middle class culture in the America. The movie, although addressing a serious Illness, schizophrenia, still has the underlay of their family being the perfect ‘American Emily this Is shown In many things such as costuming, Alicia, Johns wife always seems to be looking in order despite the great stress she must be under with Johns illness and the baby.

Alicia also always seems to appear as the perfect house wife’ although Alicia would be under massive financial, emotional and physical pressure she is still portrayed as looking perfect, always doing chores and even having time to do luxury SGF what is to nacelles such as sitting on the porch with her husband having a wine whilst the ‘perfect’ baby sleeps soundly. In reality, If this situation was harassers featuring in this film also seemed to be dressed perfectly and have a very much Wholesome feel’ to their character.Tom Carson, a two-time National Magazine Award winner for critiquing movies analyses Ron Howard Ron Hoard’s ingratiating style of directing; Whether or not this is the deliberate choice that I suspect it is ? and my hunch is that he’d have made a very good politician ? the idea of Howard having a dark, disturbing side is inherently comical to Americans. ‘ In scenes such as when Alicia goes to visit John in the mental hospital it seems to the audience that the capital looks like a very decent place to live.The hospital scenes give off a sense of cleanliness and peacefulness. This scene bears no resemblance to what a real life mental hospital would look and feel like. Another indication of ‘sugar coating I noticed was that the nationality of all the main characters appeared to be European. There appeared to be no other characters that looked like they were from any other ethnicity group other than white.

Of course in reality there are many different ethnicities from blacks to Asian.Especially later on in the film it would be expected hat more colored people would appear as the Black Civil Rights movement had taken place around 15 years before the final scenes. The conflict between the two main men in the film “Rush”, Nick and James also showcases Ron Howard frothy style of directing. Throughout the movie their mutual hate of each other is apparent. Both truly despising each other and often slipping in unforgivable cruel comments about each other. For example throughout the movie James out rightly mocks Nick about his ‘rat like’ appearance.

Personally I would find it very hard to forgive someone that had given me that much grief over the years. But of course as it is Ron Howard film, it ends nicely with these two men overcoming their conflict and in a true Howard tradition finish the film with triumph and a ‘happily ever after. ‘ When researching for my report I found a few conflicting critical views of the hypothesis from contemporary sources. One being indirect. Com, when I searched the reviews on this source I found this source is very reliable.

Indirect. Mom is a two-time winner of the Webby Award for best film website,’ Indirect. Com was also dubbed as a “must read” by Variety, branded the “online heartbeat of the world’s independent film community” y Forbes, and dubbed “best Indies crossroads” by film critic Roger Bert. ‘ (http:// en. Wisped. Org/wick/landslide.

) Another useful source I found was Justine Craig from foxiness. Com when researching on the reliability of this source I found that I could find this source very reliable although some reviews I found on this site dubbed foxiness. Mom as to critical’ and to hard hitting. ‘ Justine Craig is also well renowned in is area of expertise being dubbed by critic’s award site existentialism, ‘The critic is a man of the people, and leaves no one behind in his thoughtful piece. ‘ Another source hat I used was disregarding, after researching the reliability of this source I found that this would be very reliable and is a very well-known site.

Throughout my report I have found that the original hypothesis that I first proposed is correct.