There is only one super hero I know And that Is you God Oh come on, come on) We wan tell you Everything we know So lend us your ears And give us your attention Bridge: Our hero is admired for great or love, fine qualities A person who is strong to face the fierce in every battle OLL Who’s your super hero? Baby let’s go! Let’s see what these guys have prepared for you Chorus:Jesus: our savior, our redeemer, our salvation The truth and the way You are my hero You are my master Thank for everything Thank for your love Oh… Yeah In one, two, three I was drowned in a sail-road Trapped In a hole Here comes a life shaker Who came to be my life-wrecker Now I feel Like I don’t have my life-saver He’s always by my side Now I thought he’s gone In my life But later I realized He is with me, he is here Inside this breast hoard of mine He’s always been there for meLiving In the darkness Feeling like I’m hopeless Then he came and reached saying, “My child let me be your everything” (Repeat chorus) You died to save me, So I could be free In spite of my imperfections, You gave me the salvation You went to the cross; Oh, what a great cost Your precious life you gave The battle-sweat you shed There on the cross you bled (All) Jesus: our savior, our redeemer, our salvation You are my hero (my hero.

.. ) Thank you for everything Thank you for your love

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