Visual Literacy

Visual Literacy in Business Instructor: Edgar Hodge August 4, 2014Visual Literacy In Business: My Final Project.Visual literacy has been around for decades. One of the most common situations where visual literacy has shown itself is in business. Companies have been using visual literacy in advertising, branding, and marketing for what seems like forever.In the Article, Visual Literacy in Teaching and Learning: A literature perspective, the authors define visual literacy as, “the learned ability to interpret visual messages accurately and to create such messages” (Heimlich, Melinda, Russell & Smallish, 1999). The benefit to using such elements as typography, photographs, video clips, slogans, and brands as visuals when communicating is that it helps to stimulate the audience in ways that words, alone, cannot.In her communicative message Maggie used a Powering presentation intended as training material for her Avon Sales Representative.

Maggie incorporated typography, photographs, video clips, Backbone, and clip art to enhance the message and help her team not only hear of ways to succeed but also visualize success. The media elements that Maggie chose to incorporate in her visual message for her training session with her Avon Sales Representative team were photographs, typography, clipper and video clips.She uses visual literacy in incorporating photographs in the introduction of herself, her family and her reason for starting her journey with Avon. Her use of visual literacy here brings her introduction to life and is intended to relate to her audience that is mostly made of wives and mothers trying to succeed in a home-based business. Along with the introduction photos, Maggie also used photography and ultimately visual literacy to bring to life examples.When speaking to her audience about creating goals to work towards, she incorporated photos of what drives her to be successful at being a sales representative. She also included examples of advertising to help her team comprehend what a simple coupon can look like or how purchasing business cards will add to your customer crusading and to show them that they don’t have to be anything fancy. To add to the visual literacy of her project, Maggie also included clip art.

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Her intention for this was to add color and help her audience visualize their goals in a more memorable approach. Rather than simply stating that that she uses Avon profit to buy groceries and help contribute to paying the household bills, she wanted to use images that would stay in her audience’s minds when they were brainstorming for their own goals. Maggie also uses a video clip in her communicative message that consists of a normal lady who lost her Job and turned her small Avon business into a KICK income for her and her family.The video clip uses perception when presenting it to her Avon team. By incorporating the video into the message when she is speaking of the audience being able to succeed as well, she is giving them the perception that it does not take someone special to accomplish financial security by selling Avon. The video clip also utilizes storytelling using visuals in that it tells a story of an average lady reaching for her goals and is intended to inspire the same aspirations in her audience that they, too, can achieve what they have set out to achieve.

The design hat Maggie uses in her training presentation utilizes the basic concept of design that was stated throughout the course. When speaking in terms of effective design it is said that less is more. Maggie applied this when creating her presentation and kept the slides simple.

By not cluttering up each slide with too much information and too much fancy irrelevant design, she was able to contribute a clear message to her team.The slides are organized and each have one specific purpose she wishes to drive home to her audience before she moves on to the next idea. Also dealing tit design, she chose a color scheme that relates to the Avon Brand.

Avon has a slogan that the company created in the beginning saying, “Avon, the Company for Woman,” because it was created in an attempt to empower women and give them a sense of independence. Along with this slogan, Avon adopted the color pink as their advertising, promoting, and marketing color.Knowing this, Magpie’s presentation design follows Van’s color scheme as she uses pink throughout her communicative message. Lastly, Maggie utilizes the concept of Social media in her training presentation. Maggie suggested that her team use social media sites to gain customers as well as to stay connected with fellow representatives in an attempt to create a support system. As Maggie mentioned in her presentation, Social Media can be a powerful, inexpensive advertising tool to connect to current and potential customers.In the article, Friends, Fans, and Followers: Do ads Work on Social Networks? How Gender and age Shape Receptivity, The authors suggest that, “social- networking site (SINS) users not only embraced advertising-related content but actively promoted it” (David G.

Taylor, Lenin, and Stratton). Word of mouth is a powerful thing and because today’s world is so strongly connected through social media, it is no surprise that utilizing it for advertising purposes can be very beneficial to one’s business.Over all Maggie presented a clear training message to her team of Avon sales representatives. She utilized the media elements of photography, video clips, clip art and typography to relate to her audience.

She incorporated the concepts of social media, design, perception, visual literacy and storytelling in a presentation that was intended to give her team advice on how to expand their business from first-hand experience and to inspire her audience to achieve their goals and to succeed.