What Have I learned?

Throughout the entire semester I have learned a lot about diversity and treating people who may be different than you with respect and realizing they are just like us, they Just do things a little different. Every country and culture has different sets of cultural norms of behavior. We had many readings from the textbook and the movies we watched that helped me develop a better understanding of other peoples cultures. My favorite movie was; The Boy In the Striped Pajamas.The reading, Too Many Bananas, was my favorite reading from the text that we read and discussed. We also did many things physically that connected with Neumann and the Franciscan traditions.

We visited the Sisters of SST. Francis of Philadelphia home that is located on Newsman’s campus, and we all did our service hours with the community’s events throughout the trip-state area. Reflecting on the service learning that I did this semester helped me grow as a leader myself. By seeing Emily and [Yucatan enjoying leading and helping students atNeumann grow has helped me in the business world that I am in. I have learned to listen to my employees more because they have a lot of great ideas that no one ever asked them to share. I have also become aware of my weaknesses and strengths.

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I am excellent at the mechanics of my Job, but I lack some of the social interaction so I am working on it by interacting with the employees and letting them help me come up with team games to play that they will want to engage In.I have also learned to teach Instead of Just doing. I want my crew to grow as employees and people themselves and get the most out of their time while they are working with us. I enjoyed doing this service rather than others offered by Neumann because it related to me personally and I would love to continue to volunteer for the times when the Ellen school students come over to Neumann to interact with Neumann students.

This was my first experience with service learning In my three years at Neumann so far.I wish that I had been Introduced to It sooner than In my Junior year. By working full-time and taking six classes per semester I didn’t ever think that I would have time to do any service.

After this experience I will be going back to the ministry center to be helping out when I can with any other service opportunities they have. The CORE ministry center team members work really hard to make sure everyone gets the logistics part done, but they also make sure the students get something out of their experience while they are doing It.Some of the boys had Autism which is what rough me originally to wanting to do the Ellen center as my service learning hours because my nephew who will turn twelve in a week has Autism. The boys, who were from Ellen, despite the ten year age gap, had a lot of the same needs that my nephew has.

They didn’t like big crowds so one of the students walked next to them when we were walking in the hallways. Allis, my nephew, doesn’t like big crowds either and gets angry when he feels uncomfortable and hits the people who are with him.