Finding Myself in the Service of Others

In the Service of Others I realized the world was evolving when I went on a trip to New York City with my former high school classmates. The amount of homeless people on the streets in Times Square blew my mind.

It made me feel very fortunate for the life that I have. When it was time to go home, my best friend and I came up with an idea for a club at our school. We teamed up and started a club called FACIAL. It stands for Family Career and Community Leaders of America.It was a community service based club. It gave us the opportunity to volunteer in our community and help a variety of people. My experience with the club has taught me numerous life lessons and traits. These traits include empowerment, compassion, and gratitude.

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The first of these exceptional traits is empowerment. With empowerment, I realized that I have the ability to make someone’s life better. It has built up my self- worth beyond words. For example, our club made weekly vaults to the local nursing home.We would sit with the men and women and share stories, sing songs, and eat lunch with them. It does not seem like much, but they always told us how much they appreciated us for coming.

It made our club happy to know we were making them smile and changing their lives in a positive way. The next trait that I inherited is compassion. It always hurts my heart knowing there are people who do not know where their next meal is coming from or where they will be sleeping that night.

This gave me the idea to sign my club up to volunteer to help, specifically at the local soup kitchen. We arrived early to cook the food. Later that day, people of all ages came piling into the building. The amount of men, women, and children that were there overwhelmed me.

I could not believe there were that many homeless people In my community. Another volunteer project that my club participated In was a canned food drive for the Camellia Home Health and Hospice.They were running very low on supplies and asked us for help. We posted flyers all over school and made daily announcements to remind the students to help a good cause. We did the food drive for two weeks. At the end of the two weeks, we counted all of the cans. It came out too total of almost two thousand cans. The director of Camellia Hospice was so grateful for our help that she got a picture of us with all of the cans and had it put in he newspaper.

The one last and most important trait that I learned is gratitude.Unfortunately, I live in a generation where children are not raised to be thankful and grateful for the things that they have and for the things that are given to them. Children expect to have the newest version of the Phone or brand new shoes every month. On the other hand, there are children In this world who only own one or two toys. For this reason, I decided to hold a meeting the next month, which happened to be December.

I came up with the Idea to participate In Toys for Tots.We set up exes all around town in places like Walter, Smoothie King, and in the high school firsthand how little others have is eye opening; however, the toys changed the orphan’s perspective completely. Volunteering will continue to be a drastic part of my life as I go on my Journey into what is called the real world. After all of the volunteer opportunities throughout my high school career, I have gained more empowerment, compassion, and gratitude than I ever thought I would. Inheriting these traits will help me throughout the next few years of college, and they help to improve my life differently each day.