First and last day of school

On Monday morning I woke stretching to switch my buzzing alarm clock off it was am_ I did not sleep very well because it was my first day at secondary. Part of the night I was feeling restless but I did not know why.

I was feeling rather anxious throughout the night but I was happy to start a new life. I worked over to open the blinds for once the sun was shining bright as my new uniform. I worked over to make sure that my uniform was still hanging in wardrobe.

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My uniform was looking unique there was not a single crease to be seen. I had a quick glimpse at my back salute hoe they looked great spanking new shoes.I got ready quickly because was Curious of the time I did not want to be late for my first day at school. Standing in front of the mirror admiring my new uniform I was impressed with myself looking so smart. I was a little bit confused of how I should tie a knot In my new school tie. I was panic I rushed over towards my dad and tied my tie for me.

I was feeling lot me relaxed. Subsequently, I made my way to the dining table; I had cereal with cold, white, fresh milk. As I had my first bite, my hand had a strong but stable grip on the upon because I did not want to spill It on my brand new uniform.It felt like tight roping across Grand Canyon. I felt under pressure as I saw the clock reach 7:AMA so rushed my breakfast like a cheater chasing its pray in the jungle. I grabbed my bag and went sat down in the car. There was a sign of relief hopping I will not be late for my first day of school.

When I was sitting In the car all I could think about was being late for school on the first day. This made me feel miserable and the car journey felt like the car did not have wheels. Finally, I reached school by 8:AMA. I stepped out the car, took a deep breath and walked towards the gate.

As I walked through the gates all I could see Is student’s starling at me trying to make me feel vulnerable. I avoid eye contact with everybody when I made my way to the reception area. The receptionist directed me where I need to go. I felt like I was going to be lost so I kept my head down and made my way to my home room class. I knocked on the door and slowly opened the door. The door creaked as I opened It I felt shivers going down the back of my spine. My home room teacher appeared quit enthusiastic, my home room cheer, shakes my hand introduced himself and I took a seat near the teacher.I chose because I did not want to miss ant important information.

As time went by students came and sat down, some student appeared quite miserable and some were enthusiastic about school. The bell rang at 9:AMA to start the first period. However, we were told we did not have lessons until period five. The teacher introduced the first activity on the agenda it was to introduce yourself.

When it was my turn to introduce myself, I felt nervous, I took deep breath and slowly Introduced myself. In less than two minutes I ran out of words.I sat down in embracement but everybody gave me an applause this helped me with my confidence to my first day of secondary school. Next we were given a student diary which we were told to look after for the whole year. I felt more responsible when it was given to me. As time went by the next bell rang for break I slowly went outside for some fresh air, I could smell cigarettes burning, I saw kids running about and finally I saw one of my friends from primary school.

I ran over to him and for the 1 OFF break. I felt devastated that I had to leave my only friend behind.I made my way back o home room and sat down. In the next few lessons we told the schools rules followed by another activity we had to brainstorm our own rules which should apply in the school. It was interesting to hear other opinions.

However I learned that it was important treat everybody with respect. Also we did some circle games to help built communication skills and confidences. It was great fun and everyone was laughing. We were given a letter about using computer in school and internet safety. As the day went by it was time for lunch, so I went to the cafeteria and had a glance at the food.

It looked vile it made my stomach turn inside out. I chose a ham sandwich and a carton of Juice which was very expensive it cosseted two pounds. I sat down and took a bite and it didn’t even feel like two pounds. I went outside and saw my friend by himself so I went over to him and we talked about how each other’s day had been. The final bell rang and we both went our separate ways and went back to home room.

During home room we were given a timetable I looked at my timetable. There were some subject’s that I have never study at primary school and was little bit curious.I went to y afternoon lesson starting with Double product design. The teacher introduced himself and went through the module. I was excited because I was going make my own designer a vase. Soon it was home freedom at last I could not wait to get home because I was so exhausted. Last day It was last day of school I couldn’t care less when I left school.

I think after five years in the same school I was happy to be leaving as well as staring a new life. I remember that I had only one exam left and a few signatures from my friends another task to add to the list was to sign myself out leave the school premise.I’ll will never set foot in there again or ever see my teachers again Just seems bizarre after five years of pretty much dedicating my life to it. As usual school started at 9:AMA and finished at 10:AMA. After my exam I shook hands with a couple of teachers and went straight home. I remember feeling that I could not care less about that horrific school. The school was never supportive in terms of my educational needs. I was never the bright student I Just scraper through school.

I also felt so low in myself because I did not feel confident about my exams.I have made a promise not to go back to that appalling school. However, it felt like the shortest day of school because after the last exam you could go home. It felt like the school wanted to get rid of all the students.

I did not know what to feel at that time. When I reflect about my last day I think I probably felt sad because I was leaving friends behind. On the other hand I felt boundless because I knew I was going on a new adventure to Bangor with a better life. My last day was sweet and sharp. This felt like opening a new chapter in my life.