First the diversity of the Department’s faculty, including

First of all, studying abroad in such an ancient
college established in 1949 at the Hague conference in the aftermath of the
Second World War, including students and instructors from all over the world
under the same campus will be a very distinctive opportunity to examine this
kind of master’s program. Throughout the years, the College of Europe has
remained at the most advanced level and it is considered as one of the most
important academic institutions in the European Union.

With regard to the Department’s faculty of EU
International Relations and Diplomacy Studies, there are a few
colleges and universities that offer similar programs in EU International and
Diplomatic Studies. But what I really liked in this program is the diversity of
the Department’s faculty, including Professors and Academic Assistants from
different countries, backgrounds, and specializations, which makes it an
international experience; not only a local experience; including a variety of
backgrounds. This perfectly matches my interests and expectations in studying
this kind of program. Moreover, your program will give me the opportunity to
experience various topics and training techniques.

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Besides, the college libraries are considered as one
of the main aspects affecting students. For example, I used to spend a long
time in the library of Birzeit University, which positively affected my
performance through their valuable books and electronic information. Therefore,
the existence of such advanced libraries in the College of Europe, including
rich materials will support my study and help me to develop my knowledge in the
issues related to the EU.  

This experience will be also affected by the
surrounding environment and the college location. The unique and ancient campus
of Bruges is located in the medieval city of Bruges. This beautiful and
historical city is located in the northwest of Belgium and it is accessible
from Brussels, the Capital of Belgium and Europe and accessible from other
major cities. Besides, since the city of Bruges is close to the sea and
surrounded by countryside, which makes it a very suitable place for many
activities. I am also obsessed with living in vital, ancient and large cities,
where I can attend and participate in many conferences, seminars or activities
related to my master’s program. This will directly affect the progress of my
study and support me to be familiar with the whole life in the EU and discover
it from different aspects.

Furthermore, I have been learning the French language
two years ago and I am really obsessed with this language. Thus; living in a
country which considers French as one of its official languages will greatly
support my language learning. It will also be a very good chance to use French
language on a daily basis and through a variety of courses during my study.

to the program’s goals, this experience will assist me to enhance my understanding of diplomacy and EU external relations, obtain
diplomatic skills, develop professional skills and strengthen personal language
skills. Such knowledge is very significant and effective for me as a
Palestinian woman living in an occupied country. Hence, it would be a great opportunity
to continue my postgraduate studies in such developed and leading country through
this remarkable and respective college.

as a Palestinian female with limited opportunities, being accepted in this
program would give me an opportunity to be exposed to new cultures and dealing
with other people and would improve my decision making and problem-solving
abilities. When I saw this program, I realized it would greatly help increase
my potentials; because it can uplift my abilities in all fields.

Thank you for considering my application.