Marina Bay, a notable tourist destination In Singapore. Is a modern development proving to be an opportunity for further urban transformation, serving as an important region that generates tourism for Singapore. Consisting of many tourist attractions such as Gardens by the Bay, Esplanade, Singapore Flyer, Sands Sparks as well as Merlot Park, Marina Bay provides entertainment through Its tourist attractions to both local and international visitors.However, while all of these tourist attractions are certainly helpful in garnering tourists in their own ways, there s then a question of which of the tourist attractions at Marina Bay are truly successful In attracting tourists, and which are perhaps less successful. With these questions In mind, we have narrowed down our scope to three tourist attractions the famous national icon Merlin Park, the environment and nature-focused Gardens by the Bay, as well as the entertainment-based development Casino @Marina Bay Sands (MBPS).We hope to understand which of these three types of tourist attractions Is the most well-established In attracting visitors to Singapore.

Through our background research on tourism in Singapore involving Marina Bay and these three tourist attractions, we have uncovered an almost 20% increase in tourism receipts from 2009 to 2010, and that 2010 was the year that Marina Bay Sands had finished construction In.Connecting this to our hypothesis, we have decided on our hypothesis as “The Casino @Marina Bay Sands, as an entertainment-based facility, has been more successful in terms of receiving tourists than the environment- focused Gardens by the Bay and the national icon Merlin Park. ” We have chosen Interviewing, perception survey and pedestrian count as out fieldwork strategies. They were chosen In consideration of our need to find out which tourist attractions prove to be the best established in attracting tourists to Singapore and increasing tourism.

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Through the fieldwork strategies conducted in Merlin Park, casino @MBPS and Gardens by the bay respectively, we are able to conclude that most tourists do not visit Singapore for merely entertainment purposes, but also to admire the interesting structures constructed. One of the Interviewees mentioned having visited Singapore before Gardens by the bay was built, and specially came back to take a look at it.She was rather impressed by the beauty of the attraction and felt that the idea of constructing an environmental-based attraction was very unique.

Through the pedestrian count In Gardens by the bay, It was also observed that there were many people seen sitting or standing outside the actual attraction, taking pictures of the general outlook of the domes. Besides, on the outlook, Gardens by the Bay also seems the most welcoming in general, with its unique structures and concept. From theInterview results, we understand that perhaps these tourists visited Singapore not mainly for entertainment purposes, but mostly to visit unique tourist attractions that are not commonly found in their own country to gain a further insight about our 1 OFF uniqueness of the tourist attraction is a significant factor in determining a tourist’s choice of visitation. Furthermore, we can infer that the environmental quality also plays a part in attracting visitors. From conducting a perception survey, we have obtained scores of 24, 28 and 30 for the Merlin Park, the Casino and Gardens by the Bay respectively.From the bipolar environmental quality assessment, Gardens by the Bay fares the highest points due to its interesting building design, well maintained properties, natural features, accessibility, lack of litter, safe roads and lively atmosphere while Merlin Park did not fare as excellently due to the high traffic noises, inconvenience for disabled people and dull atmosphere.

The Casino also fared less because of the lack of open spaces and lifeless ambiance. Thus, the environment and atmosphere of the attraction is yet another significant factor in attracting tourists thus increasing tourism in Singapore.Therefore, in our opinion, our hypothesis “The Casino @Marina Bay Sands, as an entertainment-based facility, has been more successful in terms of receiving tourists than the environment-focused Gardens by the Bay and the national icon Merlin Park. “, while it may have truthful aspects, it is partially untrue as our fieldwork research is able to prove that perhaps the Casino @Marina Bay Sands is not a key tourist attraction selected by tourists specially, but is instead a side attraction to visit during the evening for recreational purposes.