Fitness Wsb

The Contractor shall be responsible for providing a staff consisting of at least the Minimum of four full-time employees in order to staff the center as required (below). The precise number of each staff type personnel is not critical as long as the center is Staffed with a Manager, a Front Desk personnel, and an Exercise Floor personnel during All business hours.The staff shall include: •A Director/Fitness Specialist, with specific qualifications in management and •Supervision, •A Group Fitness Coordinator/Fitness Specialist, and •A Fitness Specialist.

3. Deliverables A deliverable is any measurable, tangible, verifiable outcome, result, or item that is required to complete a project or part of a project. Project management–related deliverables: project analysis, scope statement, team Roles/task assignments, process and predecessors, costs, benefits, status Reports, project presentation, final project report. Product–related deliverables: floor plan/layout, fitness center rules/regulations, Ongoing support.4. Acceptance Criteria This project is an important step to improving the health of our everyday people obesity problem the benefits of having healthier America workers will show in the cost saving of a decrease in absenteeism and lower healthcare cost for the U.

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S. company. The project manager will continue to track the progress of fitness center use, and run monthly reports on the absenteeism of patience that use the fitness center on a regular basis.The project manager will also review overall improvement that will cure obesity issues.

In order for this project to succeed, the following goals must be met the team will need to accomplish all tasks in the allotted time, with safety and quality as a necessity when implementing the construction phase 5. Work Breakdown Structure Work Breakdown Structure (WBS): A breakdown of all project work into a logical hierarchy consisting of different levels. Each lower level provides more detail describing the work.