Need to allow husband to prove to the world he is a good provider Husbands also want to have someone do work while he was away WORKING MOMS Driven by a need to ensure the education of their children Strong desire to provide – not only for the needs of children – but also for their wants/desires OFF spouse Going abroad in response to pressing financial needs of family Driven by desire to provide for both needs and wants of children SINGLE PARENTS Mostly separated parents who married young Causes: nagging wife husband’s womankind long-distance OFF relationships child-beating ways of husband What life is like for themHands-on approach to home-making/ mothering; most confident about homemaking ability Constant struggle to make ends meet Feel good about being able to provide well for family’s needs and wants Challenged in balancing roles at work and at home MM spouse Enjoying an easier life; proud about their improved lifestyle But struggling to address intangible costs of OFF-hood on marriage and children Struggling with lack of funds, and the challenge of raising kids simplemindedly Children as sole emotional anchor McCann Pulse Survey Segments: Raising Children Properly in This Day & Age Fears & Concerns Biggest Fears & Concerns of Parents inRelation to Their Children Getting Caught w/ a Sick Child & No Money 2. Early Teen Pregnancy and/or Marriage 3. Over-Addiction to Computer Games Question for Educators: Are these THE problem, or Just symptoms of more basic things, e.

G. , problems at home? These fears and concerns have a significant bearing on how parents today go about raising their children Question for Educators: Could the Parenting Style be contributing to the problem?Parents’ View: Be Brutally Honest About Life Realities with your Children This effectively prepares kids for what may lie ahead as well as to ensure they grow up hardy and not spoiled. They hope it motivates their children to build a better life than what they are experiencing now It also promotes mutual honesty and closeness with their children Chores are a Good Way to Instill Values It’s a practical and smart way to run a home… So, every child is given a routine set of It promotes self-sufficiency in case of emergencies..

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.It instills a sense of responsibility and discipline early in life..

. One benefit of making kids do chores is that it keeps them in the home This is important for parents who, more and more, view the confines of their home as the only truly safe place for their children today The Prevalent Belief Among Today’s Parents: Outside is where bad things and bad influences reside..

. Neighbors whose values parents do not trust Bad habits from other kids (e. G.

, nag galling an mage-murmur) The Internet café© (adapt aliasing an yang! ) Nap-important an may-Dakota as lye nag mega knack MO.Peer Kenton Lang… With a touch of affection pa ring. Gusto MO saying amino.

– Non-Working Housewife Discipline Through Fear of the Belt The tradition of using the belt as a form of discipline is alive and well. Almost all parents we talked to – regardless of segment – habitually use “pad’ as a common way to punish erring kids. Parents argue that using the belt is something you cannot avoid – especially nowadays when children are “testier” than ever before. Disciplining children…

What they say It’s More Effective if Dad Does it…O That’s because dad does it better –he is much stronger and it hurts more and kids tend to be more scared of being spanked by dad. Disobedient kids about being spanked by dad. Mom’s Role is to Provide an Emotional Counter-Balance..

. O While mom does her own spanking, she assumes a different role when it is dad’s turn: to soften the father’s blow on the child. O She believes this is part of her role as the primary resource of love and comfort for her children. While instilling discipline and good values in children is central to the agenda of parents… ..

. T appears that the growing/emerging segments like working moms and OFF spouses are struggling with it more and more. The Working Mom Challenge “Work-Guilt” makes it difficult for them to enforce discipline Continued absence due to work has weakened their “moral authority’ Hence, they seem to have more complaints about discipline issues Working moms feel that they are not able to spend the ideal amount of time with their kids therefore, need to overcompensate for it through material means causing internal dissonance in relation to mom’s need to instill the value of discipline) “Bribery’?The OFF Spouse Challenge They want to ensure that their improved financial situation does not corrupt their children But, they notice their children displaying a strong tendency of being boastful Parents still feel they owe it to indulge their kids more to make up for an incomplete home And society materialistic ways makes it even more challenging for OFF parents to keep their children’s values in place…The Discipline Challenge Female OFF spouses are particularly challenged in disciplining kids (as opposed to male OFF spouses) O Their strong belief that dads are the ideal deans of discipline in the home (as he is most feared and belt-whips the hardest) leaves OFF wives feeling incapable of putting disobedient kids in their rightful place Some parents deal with these challenges in a manner they are most comfortable with as a working mom or OFF spouse.

..Rewards-Based Discipline “Misgauges sill, peer adapt dad bigamy din sill Eng PIP pang-computer. Minoans, Gilligan Kong cabanas. ” (working mom) “Para sound, Sinbad OK daddy MO Eng Nikkei. ” (OFF spouse, female) Over The Over-Indulged Child A product of the over-compensatory behavior of irking moms the need for OFF parents to make up for an incomplete home environment the continued attribution of the role of discipliner to dads (in homes with absentee dads) Disciplining a child is not the only challenge.

For working moms, feeling confident about the love and affection of their child is another The Offsetting parent Challenge How to Explain the Reality of Their Unique Situation to Their Children These parents oftentimes find themselves at a loss for words on how to explain why one parent is missing Furthermore, they are worried that their unconventional home environment might have adverse long-term effects on their child The OFF/Single Parent Challenge – Positive Outcome The Birth of the Maternal Dad – Heightened Maternal Instincts of OFF Husbands & Single Dads It seems their affectionate, nurturing side has become more pronounced They have a heightened sense of selflessness when it comes to their children They have learned to do chores and have The New Necessities in the Home Technology has become considered “necessities” (as opposed to Just “nice to have”) at home nowadays.O From entertainment appliances to communications gadgets, parents feel each home needs to have them now Family Leisure & Entertainment The Trend Towards Home-cocooning Today’s parents try to make their homes more conducive to family entertainment and prefer keeping family bonding moments at home Having the equipment needed to keeping kids at home allows less spending on some weekends, plus keeps the children “safe” in the home during weekdays McCann Summary of Current Home Concerns A culture of over-compensatory behavior As more and more homes embrace a dual-income or an OFF-based lifestyle, parents are discovering the need to make-up either for lack of time spent with kids and/ or for an incomplete home setting..

. Usually through material gratificationThis will clearly have an impact on the values and temperament of future generations to come The gratification-driven generation It seems the future generation of Filipinos will be reared by parents who are over-compensating for something lacking at home As children whose values are formed by an immediate rewards-based discipline, we may be looking at a generation accustomed to getting things easily, and who are driven only by immediate gratification Home Concerns The extremist approach to values formation It seems parents have one of either two styles of discipline and values formation: through punishment (the roving of dads) or through reward (more so in dual income homes, OFF homes) There appears to be the absence of a middle ground And as the reality of the home environment changes, the process of values-formation and discipline break down (as exemplified by the difficulty of women in disciplining their kids properly when dad is away) McCann Summary of Current The rise of the maternal dad Forced to cope with the absence of a female in the home, many dads are learning to do things they normally would have considered feminine And they are excelling at it, and imbibing distinctly maternal values many moms from he more conventional homes we talked to wished their husbands had The need to advocate responsible use of technology As consumer electronics and computer technology become more commonplace in the lifestyle of family members, the adverse impact of these services are starting to emerge (e. G. , over-addiction to the internet/ games) There is a need to partner with home-makers to ensure the introduction of these products to the family are handled with more care Progress has social costs As people become more successful in progressing the quality of life of their family as indicated by the growing incidences of working