FLVS consumer fitness workout log

1. What initially made you interested in the product you chose to test? The Polar Heart Rate Monitor initially interested me because it not only tracks your heart rate, but it also displays the calories that were burned in your workout. The fact that it comes in a variety of colors and is very simple and easy to use also interested me. 2.

Did you achieve the results that you expected by using this product? When I first began my workouts and trying to run at least one mile a day, it was very difficult and I couldn’t do it.Eventually I achieved the goal that I had expected. 3. Were there any other benefits or drawbacks you experienced from using this product that you did not expect? Some of the benefits that I experienced from using this product that I did not expect is that the Monitor keeps track of my progress from every single workout and I can also pause the exercise on the watch when I need a break. There were no drawbacks that I experienced. 4. Did the product you chose impact your performance in your physical activities?Why or why not? This product did not impact my performance physically. Mentally, it made me want to run faster and motivated me to achieve my goals.

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5. Would you recommend this product to a friend? Why or why not? I would recommend this product to a friend because it is very helpful when trying to keep track of the number of calories you have burned, heart rate, and how fast/far your workout was. Fitness Test Comparison: (worth 20 points) 1.

Repeat the sit and reach test from the Getting Started lesson.Segment 1 Fitness Test. 2. Compare your original sit and reach results with your current sit and reach results. Write out your original score and status, along with your current score and status. Original score 23. 6 cm Current score 24. 2 cm 3.

Did your results improve? Why or why not? My results improved a little but not drastically. I think my results improved because of the fact that I wanted to beat my original score. I believe my results would increase if I practiced the fitness test more often.