Food and Health

I believe that if we nourish our body with the best foods that Mother Nature has to offer, as a result our bodies will perfume at its optimal level as how it was meant to perform.

In a documentary Forks over knives, there was a good amount of information that will definitely get you thinking on what we Intake to the body and the way It can do us more harm than good. A diet Is what we eat, and how much we eat of It. Therefore In order to help lower our susceptibility to any serious diseases we must watch what we eat.For example, a study that was conducted In 1975 by Dry. Campbell consisted of feeding 14 of the rats in his experiment with 20% casein (Casein is a protein found in airy products) as to feeding the other h of rats with 5% casein. Within the 12 weeks if his research the rats that were being feed with the 20% of casein had shown a significant increase of being prone to early tumor growth, as compared to the rats that were only feed with 5% of casein. Therefore, Dry.

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Campbell concluded that, “Apparently, we can turn on and off our cancer growth. Also, if we consume a good amount of animal protein we are being prone to having early growth of cancer. Not only does food play a huge role in the way we perform In our daily lives, but genes contribute In a small portion as well. As Dry. Campbell stated, “Cancer starts with genes, either we are born with It or genes are actually changed by a chemical. ” Now that the protein research that was conducted by Dry, Campbell, It a good eye opener in reducing dairy intake in our daily life in order for us to help reduce the cancer growth. Another research was conducted by Dry.

Uselessly where he helped treat certain unhealthy individuals in which he planned out an all plant based diet. Within those 5 years of his research in treating the individuals he discovered that a plant based diet has actual reversals of heart diseases unlike heart surgery and there medication cannot do. In this case, Dry.

Uselessly explained the way the reversal of heart disease occurs is by the nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is produced in the body, and is also created from a substance known as nitrates that are found in green vegetables, but how Is these beneficial to our body?As Dry. Uselessly explained, “Nitric oxide keeps our blood flowing smoothly without sticking to the blood vessels.

” In this case nitric oxide dilates the blood vessels and allows more blood flow to the heart. This brings to the article written by Gina Kola Doubt Cast on the ‘Good’ In ‘Good Cholesterol’. It stated, “The idea is that people inherit any of a wide variety of genetic naturally and randomly assigned by these variations in their inherited genes to make more, or less, HAD, throughout their lives. With this in mind, there are some individuals who have a harder time with their bodies in maintaining low levels of OLD because their body’s naturally produce more, as vise versa there are other individuals that produce higher amounts of HAD and produce low levels of OLD due to their genetic variations. Therefore, by having a plant based diet, it would be easier or the body to functional at its optimal and by not forcing the body to work twice as hard as compared to eating animal foods.In addition, animal foods may do more harm than good to our bodies, even though in our society we have in mind that we should eat more protein, and by protein what generally comes to mind is animal based proteins unlike plant based proteins. As Dry.

Campbell stated, “When we have animal protein, our bodies tend to create am acid like condition in the body, called metabolic acidosis. ” Therefore, our bodies utilize an acid buffer, like calcium primarily mound in our bones. The acid buffer helps neutralize the excess acid and therefore causing our bones to weekend.In other words, if you consume too much of calcium you might be doing yourself harm, as what you probably thought as if it were good for you.

In conclusion, not all what the media seems to advertise only what they desire is right to advertise at that moment is not all true. In this case, we should all learn to do our own research on the web on by reading books before we believe. Also, if we want to live longer we should consider in adapting a plant based diet and in order to live a more productive life style as well.I will end this with a quote by Hippocrates, “Let thy food by thy medicine. ” Work Cited “Internecine in Our Bodies.

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