Findings and Discussion There are totally 467 people attended this survey, most of them are from age 14-22(teenagers), there are totally four questions asked all of them answered the compulsory questions, only 122 interviewees take part In optional question. From the first question of the survey, I discovered that most of the people eat at home dally. Most of them cannot finish their food and produced a certain amount of domestic food waste. The majority throw the food waste directly to the rubbish bin while the minority has joined theFood Waste Recycling Partnership Scheme set up by the Environmental Protecting Department, they will store the food waste and do the recycle. From this question, I found that only little people take awareness on food waste issue as they involve into the recycling scheme.

From the Information of the scheme, It can only handle a little amount of food waste every day. Therefore, this Is a kind of reason that the recycling scheme is not popular. The second question asked why they would like to produce the food waste, if any. Most of them answered the food is too much and they cannot ensure them all.Some of the said the tasted of food is the major reason they would like to produce the food waste.

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I discovered that, most of the people overestimate the largest amount of food they can eat at each meal time. They have the mentality of cook more Is better than cook less to prevent them from still hungry after all the scenes are Tells EAI. N unnaturally, most AT teen AAA not nave any measure to deal with the leftovers.

Most of them choose to throw them out instead of keep them for the next meal. From this act, the food waste is simply produced.Imagine if every should produces certain amount of food waste, there will be more than thousand tons sent to the landfill and significantly increase the workload of landfill. Sooner, the landfill will be saturated The third question asked whether they agree or not if the government imposes the food waste tax for each household. More than fifty percent of the interviewees agree to impose the tax. They think that the taxation can control people not to produce too much food waste. Apparently, there are less than fifty percent of the interviewees disagree the taxation of food waste.

Most of them think hat the taxation is a burden to the low income household and will affect their living condition and standard of living. I discovered that the government policy will bring both positive and negative effect on the citizens. Such that, if the tax is imposed, the situation of the food waste will be controlled gradually. On the contrary, this kind of regressive tax will widen the income gap and lead to a more uneven income distribution But I assure that the imposition of the food waste tax will raise the public the awareness of environmental problem brought by food waste. Only the rate of the tax is negotiable.The forth question asked whether they know much about the negative impact brought by food waste. This is an optional question, 122 interviewees answered the question, and the direction of the question can be divided into three parts socially, environmentally and economical In the social aspect, some of interviewees indicate that producing too much will cause a large burden on our city landfill. I discovered that they have the basic conscious on the food waste issue, actually when the landfill is fully filled by the wastes, the government will decide to open another district for landfill.

This is one of the major problems we concern because as we are living in a city with a high population and little flat land, land is the scare resources to us, this social problem will arise other problem like significantly high land price and cause financial burden to citizen. In the environmental aspect, most of the interviewees know that inappropriate treating of the food waste will produce toxic gases. As most of the food waste will be sent to the landfill, it seriously harms the soil of the land and releases so many stinking smells to surrounding area.It harms the resident living nearby and lowers their standard of vying, too. And also, even the landfill is cleared, the land still need to wait for at least 10 year before it can have other use. Therefore, the problem of food waste indirectly brings so much environmental effect. In the economic aspect, most of the interviewees understand it needs so much money to recycle the food waste and though this method is limited by technology and land supply and also monetary, producing too much food waste will force the government to impose the food waste tariff on the public and cause economic burden on them.

The interviewees basically grasp the economic problem brought by the food waste. Taxation by the government is a social cost to citizens, as it is a kind of lump sum tax. In economy explanation, it will widen the income gap between the riches and the poor. The income distribution will become more unequal. The problem of disparity becomes more serious.

To sum up, this survey indicates that people subconsciously produce so many unnecessary food waste, they all know that the condition of the food waste is serious and will During so much negative Impacts to tenet Tie.