For a tangible state wherein it is physically

For the purpose of convenience in an attempt to understand newspaper, it can be construed in terms of its content. This content-centric perspective allows one to see newspaper as spatial entity that serves occupational function to the advertisement and editorial content. The editorial content aspect reflects the quality and the informative objective of the newspaper. Whereas the advertisement facet manifested the continuity and the operational character of the newspaper. It reached such a state of being as a result of cumulative historical events. Thus, newspaper is “a medium of communication developed as a result of social and legal responses to the technology during different periods”.

In general, there are two division of newspaper based on time frequency. Firstly, the dailies, newspaper that are published every day with occasional exception of Sunday. The second kind is known as the weekly. The latter is published once within a week.

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 Generally, there are two ways of profit gaining for newspaper. Firstly, advertisement. In the context if newspaper industry, this refers to “retail advertising from companies with local outlets, classified ads, and national ads,”. So far, advertisement are the major contributor to the revenues acquired. The second financial source for Newspaper is its circulation. It is implied that circulation relies upon the magnitude of audience readership. The greater the readership, the greater the circulation. In turn, the decision to make advertisement depends very much on the circulation.

  The production of newspaper entails two processes. Firstly, the making up of the newspaper content. This denotes “all non-advertising matter in the paper”. Secondly, the putting together of the whole newspaper. This includes page designing, composing and the printing of the actual newspaper.

 When the newspaper have reached a tangible state wherein it is physically complete, it can finally be distributed. Newspaper distribution means “bringing the finished issue to the point of exhibition”. The distribution aspect of newspaper concerns about the avenue of which the newspaper makes it reach towards the audience. It can be through the local store or even the website itself. Most importantly, it ensures that all the advertisement parts can reach the users.

 It is therefore understood that newspaper is produced through printing. It’s production takes place in a regular pattern. This results into its division into the dailies and weeklies. The newspaper content constitute editorial matter, the information that is communicated to the audience and as well as advertisements, which is required to reach the audience.

Newspaper creates revenue through the latter combined with the circulation process. John Tarrow’s definition of newspaper is thus correct and it is  such that the newspaper “are are printed products created on a regular basis and released in multiple copies”.