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For people who follow a friendly or family relationship, hard love is a very normal concept.

 Tough love is more similar if you prohibit your friend from having an extra cigarette and when they do you though the  whole package. It is also very natural for a father to be confiscated by his son or daughter when he postpones the task. And if you do one of these things, you’re in a tough  love relationship. This is the kind of love in which you do things to improve the other person.Now think what will be the situation if you practice tough love in a romantic relationship?We are afraid to follow the hard love, because we have an idea that lovers do not impose rules and make boundaries for their loved ones once. Although it is tough to practice at the beginning, it can cause positive changes in a relationship.

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It also has the ability to change a short-term relationship into a long-term and matures because of the benefits it will receive from it.1. You keep reminding each other about their self worthWhen both the person involved in a romantic relationship is open about the other person’s dos and don’ts, you constantly remind the other person that they deserve regardless of the level of intimacy.

For example, if you are a girl and you want your partner to help you in doing laundry during weekends, don’t hesitate telling them your desire. If you are boy and you wish your girlfriend to reduce her expense, you can always tell her to do so.Although, tough love is good it comes with a disadvantage as well.

Often your partner may disagree with your desire and can even consider them as insignificant. However, the goal here is to understand the other person’s desires. After practicing tough love for quite some time you will start noticing it’s benefit and you will notice that now you are able to cut unimportant things from your relationship. When you express your desire it uplifts yourself worth no matter how hard the situation is.

2. You both are not cheesy lovers but best friendsWhen you and your best friend share tough love, you can discipline him or her. You can also tell him or her about things he/she is doing wrong in their life. Treating each other this way will give you the benefit of not being cloyed.  I think you have seen couples being too nice and sweet to each other but however with the passage of time they end up being fed up which also ends the relationship.

But when you are practicing tough love in a romantic relationship you make sure that you are observant about the other person involved in the relationship and not just focused on the intimacy that you both share. Doing this also ensures that you are giving importance to your life outside the relationship and makes you a better person.For getting the benefit of tough love you must be supportive of each other so seriously so that you know that the decisions you make in life will help you to excel in your life. This may seem to be little harsh but if you are being tough best friends you can always be better lovers as you are being truthful to yourself and your partner as well. And when you do this you can travel an extra mile with your loved ones and form a team. 3.

You get an opportunity to know about each other’s basic wantsThe term practical or basic necessity stands for the items that you need for survival and the items that you already have. In this scenario, tough love is forbidding your partner to do things that they shouldn’t be doing even if it makes even it makes them mad at you. When your partner wants to issue a new credit card without any important reason then you have to be strict enough and stop them from doing so. It might also happen that whenever you both are moving out of the house together for work, your partner is always the one wanting to use the personal vehicle whereas you may wish your partner to take the public vehicle at times as you are willing to portray your commitment.When you don’t interfere with each other’s life too much, both of you would want to settle down as quickly as possible. This happens as you have already learnt to be practical and you are experienced enough in life to be happy in normal circumstances.

Here tough love aims at giving both the individuals a taste of hardship and self-deprivation as every day will not be a good day. 4. Your sense of understanding is wideThis is obvious that when you practice tough love you will be open-minded and empathetic feeling for your partner. You are then ready to accept that you are not always right and not doing the good things all the time.

When your partner forbids you from doing anything initially it will be hard for you to understand and you may response with a silent treatment or you can even thread them about getting  someone better (which is very childish). But if there is proper communication, practising tough love can be very easy and there will be no violent reaction. As a partner, you will have to have an open mind and be less selfish. People don’t love each other for the personal gratification but for expressing love if it’s not the case then it’s Narcissism. 5.

You understand the original meaning of ‘true love’I am someone who believes that unconditional love does not mean overlooking the wrong things that the other person does. Whereas, you point out those mistakes and try to correct them. You tell them the wrong things they are doing and save them at the same time. It also does not mean that you will reduce your love if they do not listen or change and it also does not mean that you will love more if they do what they are supposed to do. Unconditional love means you want your better half to be a better person and live a better life. Showing tough love can be very easy. You can show them this kind of love by making them aware of the wrong things that they are doing wrong and the things that they should start.

Also you must remember that you should not force them. Speak up, share your opinion and give them the opportunity to improve. Make sure that you convince your partner to practice tough love between you both as it will make your relationship even stronger.