For need of the market Marketing The department

For organisations to function, the interaction of the individual members
must be structured. Rules of behaviour and expectations of performance are
established. If the organizational defined tasks are to be completed, member
activities must be coordinated. Since organizations have varying amounts of
uncertainty to deal with, authority that has to make decisions must be established.
Communication systems are required to keep members informed. Thus,
organizations have structures and processes which are necessary if the
organization is to function. The fundamental challenge of organizational
structure is to coordinate action from an organization comprising of many
different individuals in a bid to achieve organizational success.

of Coca-Cola

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Coca-Cola is responsible for the
strategic brand management of our whole portfolio. The workforce in Berlin is
split into the following departments:

Integrated Marketing Communications
Venturing & Emerging Brands
Commercial Strategy & Operations 
Knowledge, Insights & Planning
Human Resources

and production

Design and production plays a very important role
in achieving the company’s goals plan to produce enough product for the market
demands find out what is new ingredient they can add attract new customers and
fill the gap in the new trends coming it also plans for new factory worldwide
to cover the need of the market


The department develop clear strategy that leads
the brand to be number one in the market by understanding customers need and
wants, understanding the new trends and the social factors and the changes in
the demography of different regents

the company is always seeking new talent to lead
the marketing and understand the customer needs and wants and to keep the
customer always interested in our products and employee consumer who can lead
others , collaborate across other departments in Europe and worldwide who are
hungry and to win and can inspire coca cola business with big ideas.


accountable for stewarding financial resources,
marketing expense management and commercial finance focus on keeping record of
all expenses and all funds received and to allocate fund  and produce financial statement.

Human Resource

Strong consultant in all department and levels on
finding and development of talent compensation and benefits employee relation
strategic work force planning short and long-term coca cola provide the best
service to the employee in terms of personnel administration The Human
Resources function partners with the business as a strong consultant on all
topics related to Organisational Design, Talent Development, Compensation &
Benefits, Employee

Relations, Talent Acquisition and Strategic
Workforce Planning,  short, middle or
long-term. Beyond that, there are a lot of initiatives for our employees in the
middle east we lead and manage in HR, with our associates’ well-being as one of
our ongoing priorities.

Public Affairs and Communication

The department lead the overall communication
strategy for the brand and to drive trust and public acceptance through ongoing
dialogue with various stakeholders from media to politics from the businesses
to consumer sustainability programs and broad engagement for communities about
coca cola activities


we do our researches to develops  and improve our existing product and to
create a new one we seek how to reduce cost and increase profitability and
remain ahead of our competitors we have various researches run in different
area and field to suit our needs within our allowed budget coca cola aims and

of Coca Cola

 Coca-Cola aims to maximise our profits while maintaining
a long term sustainable growth within the beverage industry. The company’s the
mission statement states that the company aims to maximise profitably and long
term growth and sustainably we specify our aims and our target as core business

• To be more efficient and increase financial

• To keep brand aware and launch new brands

•To Create value and make a difference in the place
that we all live in.

In order to put the company’s mission into
perspective, the organisation conducts their business in a unique fashion and
is quite distinguished from its competitors. Rather than going through direct
marketing programs and traditional channels to the consumers, Coca-

Cola utilises various bottling partners in
order to focus more on beverage creation and


The coca cola company use a functional organisation
method which has a different function of one business working together under
major functional division the various departments are entrusted to the
different specialist.

International staffs operate separately and in
isolation from head office. It has various divisions on all continents around
the world with presidents that control each continental division. Coca-Cola has
5 continental divisions.

Coca-Cola is 
 as an   ethnocentric   MNC  
because its   domestic operations   are very  
similar to   its international
operations. Regardless of the country or region, Coca-Cola operates the same
way and sells the same brand and type of soft drink. The company also has tight
control over its operations .


functions, Structure, and objectives – effect coca cola positively

 Efficient of
Coca-Cola which helps it gaining the competitive advantage over competitors.
the brand is respected, dependable and it took many years for the company to
build this image. the company established a cross functional team which
represents every department in the company which is made more effective in
achieving the company goals so when the company decide to launch new product
not only that marketing will be talking to the production team but they will be
talking to finance, human recourses ,research and development they all under
one team to be ready for the next step to act before the competition

and to create brand awareness marketing engage with
finance to increase spending on advertising and to human recourses to find
talent candidate and to production to improve the quality standard .to
achieve  efficiency the management has to
have regular meeting including all departments and re look at the different
procedures that the company takes in different operations to see where they can
lower the cost or speed the transfer of goods .we are active member of the
local community like street games special Olympics ,world wildlife fund, Park lives  and 5by20 it is all activity that brings
people together and it is the result of the company structure who was able to
take a decision on contributing for chart without having to wait for approval
from the head office