Foreign Workers in the US

As an international student, I have to prepare myself for the Job search after graduation. I have to be able to find a company that will sponsor my H-1 B visa, allowing me to temporarily stay In the US to work.

In this situation, I need to make myself more appealing compared to an American because I will cost the company money Just to be hired. As a number of studies make clear, the presence in a company of highly skilled foreign workers whose abilities and talents complement hose of a native-born workers actually creates new employment opportunities for American workers” (Immigration Policy Center). So why is that Americans feel discriminated against when foreign workers get hired over Americans? Many times we read in articles that big companies in the US are struggling to find skilled workers, therefore requesting the nation to expand on their HIP visa program.If the program were to expand, the competition between Americans and foreigners would increase. Americans find it unfair for someone who isn’t American to get hired over them, and re now fighting back. ‘It is a myth that companies only hire foreign workers after considering the American talent pool’ (Boston Globe). Therefore competition is unfair between an American and a foreign worker as their circumstances and backgrounds are Incomparable. Today, tech professionals are fighting to end the “discriminatory hiring that Is blocking us_.

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_ from competing for Jobs we are qualified to do. (Stevens) So why is it considered discrimination to hire a foreign worker over an American? First let us define discrimination. There are many kinds of discrimination when it comes to this topic, such as diversity and wages. I will be focusing mainly on wage discrimination. The main argument is that companies are hiring foreign workers for a lower wage than an American. Many companies complain that they can’t find skilled workers In America anymore, but Rich Hoagland, a veteran computer programmer from Boston claims that this statement Is an excuse to avoid hilling local Americans.Through a headhunter he was scheduled to interview for a desired job, however later achieved a call that the client had gone with an HI B worker whose annual salary was $10,000 less. “l didn’t even get a chance to negotiate down,” he said (Stevens).

Furthermore, HI B workers tend to work longer hours, don’t discuss their wages and if they have families, they are usually not In the US; they are the Ideal candidates for big corporations (BBC News). Under these circumstances, It Is understandable why a corporation might choose to hire a foreign worker over a local worker. Nevertheless, there is the other side of the argument to consider.Perhaps big corporations are Just cooking to diversify their working environment. With cultural diversity a company has a better chance of having an environment where innovative ideas are constantly circling. This can only be seen as a benefit to the company. The other argument Is that some labor experts reject the Idea that foreign workers are displacing American research showing that foreign and American high-tech workers have comparable wages, contradicting arguments from local Americans.

Employers such as Microsoft are simply trying to gather the best teams from a worldwide talent pool, whichHanson considers to be a reasonable approach considering today’s global economy. Furthermore, foreign workers are required to receive prevailing wages that are set by the U. S Department of Labor. But employers are not required to advertise Jobs to local Americans first.

Employers must only confirm that foreign workers won’t harm people in similar Jobs (Seattle Times). Lastly, business’s want to increase the number of HI B work visas from the 85,000 limit to as many as 180,000 a year, as a comprehensive immigration bill passed by the Senate last year would have allowed.Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your position) the House did not take up the reform (Boston Globe). Now if we look at this statement and link it back to the opening statement by the Immigration Policy Center, technically if the limit of HI B work visas had been increased, there would be more Jobs for the local Americans. Therefore, is the discrimination against Americans right? Yes, there is a shortage of jobs for Americans because of companies hiring foreign workers, but maybe not enough of foreign workers are being hired, meaning not enough Jobs are opening up or local Americans.As a foreigner in this country, it is difficult for me to agree that wage discrimination is an acceptable discrimination.

If according to the U. S Department of Labor states that employers hiring foreign workers are required to pay prevailing wages pegged by the Department, then wage discrimination technically fails to exist, trumping previous biased claims. Furthermore, if according to the Immigration Policy Center, foreign workers complement the talents of Americans and create new employment opportunities for American workers, then who really is being criminate against?