Form system

Technology includes the use of materials, lolls, techniques, and sources of power to make life easier or more pleasant and work more productive.

Whereas science is concerned with how and why things happen, technology focuses on making things happen. ” So the technology had made to make life easy and time free. Information system (IS) is the study of complementary networks of hardware and software that people and organizations use to collect, filters, and process, create, and distribute data.

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Computer information system (CICS) is a field studying computers and algorithmic processes, including their principles, their software and hardware nationality over design. IS support operations, management and decision making. The term is used to refer not only to the information and communication technology (ACT) that an organization uses, but also to the way in which people interact with this technology in support of business processes. IS information system is a form of communication system in which data represent and are processed as a form of social memory.It can be also being considered a semi-formal language which supports human decision making and action. All businesses rely on inventory systems to be able to run their business. Inventory systems play this vital role by accounting for all goods or products. They also show where a particular item is in the flow of sales, whether it be in a warehouse or on a store shelf.

1. 1 Background of the Problem Natural Business of the Company Gold’s Gym is the largest gym chain in the world, recognized for our passion, unique heritage, and experience as the authority in fitness.Helping generations of celebrities, athletes and fitness enthusiasts achieve life-changing results. With an aggressive plan to evolve from gym to fitness club – through growing programs and ewe facilities – we are looking for effective leaders to participate in our success. Today’s Gold’s Gym has expanded its fitness profile to offer all of the latest equipment and services, including group exercise, personal training, cardiovascular equipment, spinning and yoga, while maintaining its core weight lifting tradition.With nearly 3 million members worldwide, Gold’s Gym continues to change lives of people by helping them to achieve their individual potential. We will inspire our members with unrivaled energy and provide the fitness knowledge available to help our members achieve their potential. Major Business Gold’s Gym is known as the “Mecca” of body building where you can “entrust your body to”.

Mecca means a place that attracts many people with interest in common.It’s a fitness company its primary target market are “fitness enthusiast” who wants to fit to achieve his/her body form who would like to feel good, healthy and fit and eventually be adored by others. Most of their clients are 18 – 50 years old. Who are students, working professionals, models, actors, and celebrities? Who is willing to work for an “x” number of gym hours to achieve the change in their physical appearance, convinced by endorsement of the local and international celebrities?The critical objectives of their department, to more convince to their customer to do not look or find another gym.

To buy sports equipment, nutrition food necessary needs like drinks. Gold’ Gym uses their own tagging that say “change your body, change your life”. Gold’s Gym is strategically located in key cities and malls in metro. Manual Project According to their health bar attendant their manual are typing any transaction made by their customer in the list, indicate their all products like supplement, foods and drinks and fitness equipment. 2 Overview of the current state of technology Their manual process start in listing their all products in the Microsoft excel that their use in their sales and inventory. Next is chat down sales in any transaction from the customer. Finally their checking their products quality at the Microsoft excels. 1.

3 Project Rationale Benefit from the client Here are the possible benefits of our system Owner Time Savings – The amount of time that can be saved by a business is, perhaps, the biggest benefit of using a computerized inventory system.A great example of this benefit is the retail industry. In cases where a shop maintains all data manually, its manager must reconcile each sales receipt with every piece of physical inventory. Depending on the size of the establishment and how many different products are sold, this can be a daunting and time consuming tasks that same store, however, used a computerized point of sale, POS, system, the master inventory list would be updated electronically each time a sale is made.

The only thing a manager would have to do each day is print out the report highlighting the inventory to be restocked. Accuracy – An additional benefit of using a computerized inventory system is the accuracy it ensures. When an inventory list is maintained by hand, the margin of error widens with each update.

If one mathematical calculation is wrong or one typo is made, disaster may occur. For instance, if a clerk accidentally adds a zero to the end of a purchase order. Consistency – a small business operates most efficiently when its processes are executed in a consistent manner.

By using a computerized inventory system, a business owner can ensures that all orders, reports and other documents relating to inventory are uniform in their presentation, regardless of who has created them. This will allow ease of reading. In addition, uniformity creates a professional appearance, which can go a long way to impress associates, such as potential investors. Cost Control – Keeping costs under control is one way to contribute to bottom-line profits. A distinct benefit of sales and inventory systems is their ability to control costs throughout an organization.These systems can meet strategic objectives for reducing waste, spoilage and incidents of mishandling by tracking inventory from purchases all the way through sales to end customers.

Inventory systems can track inventory loss statistics and create daily reports for front-line managers, allowing the angers to address specific issues in their specific stores. Security – inventory and sales systems also help to reduce theft and collusion, which can be a persistent problem in certain businesses, such as retail operations.