Handle With Care Imagine not knowing how to communicate with others, not being able to walk, and performing simple daily tasks like going to the bathroom. Well, to inform or more remind you that you did know how that felt like, depending on everybody but yourself. I am speaking of the years of your life when we were all referred to as “the most precious life on Earth”.

People might consider glassware or china (not the country) to be the most fragile things in life however, hate to break it to them, but they are undoubtedly wrong.If it were true then why do people shed a flood of tears for the death of a baby and Just a sigh of grief for a broken piece of their favorite coffee mug? Babies are much more precious and treasured and they cannot survive without proper care and support from others such as their parents and family, and If they are not available, babysitters. The first thing you need to know about how to carefully handle a baby, a fragile new life, is that always keep your sight on them.

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Do not dare get distracted because one minute, sixty seconds, does matter.For example, when was about three years old, my mom was always busy juggling work and my baby brother who Just started crawling. One day, my brother was crying so my mom picked him up while she was doing laundry. On her hip was my brother and in her hand was the basket full of clothes. She needed to put the clothes in the drawer so she sets my brother on the cabinet near her bed then suddenly the phone rings and she leaves to go grab it, meanwhile my brother sees his toy on the bed and decides to go grab that.He falls off the cabinet, which Is much higher than the bed, hits his chin on the headboard ND starts bleeding but he reaches his destination, his toy, so he doesn’t give a care about the pain. Mom comes back, not even noticing how he got on the bed, she picks up my brother and her eyes fix on the blood dripping from his chin.

You would think one would learn by the time they have their second child. Another crucial detail to keep in mind is that you keep your hands as clean as possible because babies are susceptible to picking up germs and infections.So make sure you wash your hands or use hand sanitized before handling a baby. Be sure that you support the baby’s head and neck anytime you pick them up or move them. Also it is essential to remember that they are extremely delicate so don’t do anything rough with them such as pulling their arms or legs too hard. Babies are often comforted by your voice or by music so it Is Important that you talk to them or even sing to them.

They are also comforted by touch. Holding the baby and wrapping them In a blanket helps make them feel more safe and comfortable.Remember, when the baby Is happy, you life Is much easier. Babies communicate through crying so do not get distressed when that happens. Don’t worry when a baby cries when you are watching them as they are simply telling o that they desire something. Typically, a newborn baby needs to be fed every two to three hours as it is vital that they get proper nutrition for proper growth. An important thing to note is that babies habitually swallow air during these feedings, which will make them fussy.To prevent this make sure that you burp the baby after each feeding by placing them over your shoulder and patting them gently on the back.

Sleep is a necessity for babies. Putting a baby to sleep might seem simple however that is definitely not the case. All babies are different, and not all like to go to sleep the same way, but most like to be gently rocked. Try holding the baby in your arms and slowly swinging the baby back and forth, or holding the baby securely while walking around with a bouncy step, or rocking in a rocking chair.If the baby won’t go to sleep, gently lift the baby up and lay the baby in its crib. Never leave a baby in its crib on its back with its bottle is in its hands because that could lead to choking. After the baby is asleep, sit in the baby’s room and wait to make sure the baby will not wake up any time soon, and that the baby’s sleep environment is safe. Also remove any toys from the crib as they distract the baby and it wont want to go o sleep.

Soft toys should not boot be in a crib, because a baby could suffocate.Big, fluffy blankets or pillows are actually dangerous and need to be kept out of the crib. Do not allow bed sheets to cover the baby’s face as this can cause difficulty in breathing. Always place the baby on its back. Laying it on its tummy is very dangerous, and potentially fatal however, if the baby is old enough to flip itself over on it’s tummy by itself then it’s okay if he flips himself over. Now when the baby is asleep, enjoy the hour or two of peace because its not going to last long.

And people find porcelain is hard to handle.