Freedom of Speech

It goes without saying that freedom of speech is the first step of reaching to a free society. Despite the fact that people need to reveal their personal thoughts about politics and criticize it in any facet , many governments are against this right . In this essay I will outline the arguments for and against necessity of freedom speech for a free society.As far as I concerned , with the enormous pace of development of technology in our modern-age and mass producing of TV , Radio and accessibility of cost of the people to internet , people are aware of their rights and they have the knowledge that by criticizing and showing their disapproval they can obtain their needs. To give more details , I should mention that people have learnt from the history that by having the right to say their ideas and have the security after that , the society will be better place to live.

Added to that many politician are against the idea that people and media should be free to show their thoughts .They also create rules for banning the media and set some red lines for censorship . Additionally governments are afraid of being accused by media in any way . It is an undeniable fact that so many of politician want to hide their dark sides , so they prefer limit the people’s freedoms. I am strongly of the opinion that people and media should have the right to state their thoughts and criticize everyone In the government or even a bad habit of people. The benefits of having the freedom of speech Is unquestionable in a free society and we should look forward to reach the day which we can declare our Ideas without any fear.

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