Friends of Variety

Friends of Variety Friendship Is very Important to many people. A friend Is a person one knows well, and is also someone who will listen to a persons problems and give advice. Being a friend is Just as important as having a friend. There are different kinds of friends: the best friend, the associate, and the friend of convenience.

A person can have more than one best friend. Many people think of their best friends as part of their own family.A best friend Is someone who will set aside everything to help a friend In need, someone to enjoy a few laughs with, and someone to give praise in times of achievement. Many people think of their spouse as being a friend. When a person is having a rough day, (maybe the person lost a Job), one usually calls his or her best friend first.

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The best friend Is the one who not only consoles, but also finds a way to lift a friend’s spirits. Many people feel comfortable telling anything to best friend, even the most embarrassing details.A person who has a friend he or she confide in is very lucky. An associate Is a person one speaks to on occasion. Sometimes an associate can be an old friend one has not seen In a long time, or an ex-best friend who may not be considered a friend by association.

An associate is not necessarily a person that is untrustworthy. Some friends who are classified by a person to be associates could later become a best friend. The friend of convenience is the worst kind of friend to have.He or she usually only calls or visits when he or she wants something. Having friends who only associate with a person when it is convenient for them is worrisome. The convenience friend is the one who will call in the middle of the night to ask a favor, and once the favor is done he or she will not call back until something else is needed.

Most people are baffled at why NY one person would continue to allow a person to treat one in such a way. I have several friends of convenience, most of them are family members.If at all possible, one would be wise to stay away from the friend of convenience. Finding a good friend is not an easy task, especially when one is looking for someone who is worthy of the best friend role.

If a person is not trustworthy, caring, and supportive, one would have a hard time classifying him or her as best friend material. Some of the best times in a person’s life are spent with friends. A person should always remember, in order to have good friends, one should also be a good friend.