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From the information given, Jefferson’s view of government was better for the United States. As someone stated, “Jefferson is chiefly responsible for the disentanglement of government and religion and the general consensus at the time of the Revolution that the government would be republican and most of its office-holders elected.” Jefferson figured out how to increase nearby control of training. Jefferson trusted that understudies ought to realize what they trust they should know. What they wanted and looked for helpful. He likewise, democratized (made) arrive holding and decentralized (exchange specialist from integral to nearby government) government. The Louisiana Purchase was a feature for Jefferson. This is said on the grounds that it was the principle reason that America turned into a cross-country nation. This enabled America to in the long run turn into a monetary. Fundamentally this made America gainful. It likewise, prompted America’s military and political superpower. Jefferson expressed that the race of 1800 was as genuine an upset of government standards as 1776 was in its frame. Jefferson unequivocally supported the energy of state governments. Jefferson imagined that to have a republican culture it must be profoundly decentralized. It didn’t mean, however, that he figured it wasn’t essential for the government to have all the fundamental quality when it came to discretionary and military matters.Jefferson supported the energy of state governments to such a degree, to the point that when Jefferson discussed his “nation,” he was alluding to Virginia, “by and large .” Thomas Jefferson thought that it should rule by the people rather than the wealthy. He also pushed for more emphasis on agriculture rather than manufacturing. Jefferson was for free trade. Hamilton wanted protective tariffs. Hamilton also thought that it should rule by wealthy rather than the people. He also pushed for more emphasis on manufacturing, all the opposites that Jefferson wanted. Jefferson was just the better guy.Manufacturing during this time was not good for the economy. Economic growth was basically surrounded by agriculture. Agriculture was the Americans way of life with almost 90% of all Americans living off of it. Industry wasn’t needed at the time and wasn’t bettering for the lives of the Americans. Hamilton believed that commercialization, centralization, and industrialization would be the best thing for the United States. Jefferson believed that it would just lead to many problems for the country and wouldn’t even help America build as a country. Jefferson understood that industry would lead to growth of cities. That could end up causing complications in society. The government would grow and more regulations would be made which would take the rights away from the people. Jefferson also believed that morals would go away causing the spread of crime, pollution, prostitution, sanitation, and other problems. Even during his presidency, Jefferson tried to promote agricultural commerce over industry.