Functions of HR

The Functions of HER When going to work for a new company, you are given a Job analysis or Job description, to let you know what Is expected from the Job once the position Is held. Here is where you learn about the compensation, training, and performance needs that the Job requires. By giving this to potential new hires this allows them to know what needs to be done to keep the job and perform it properly. We will discuss the job analysis of a childcare teacher and what needs to be addressed in order to keep this position filled with qualified talent.Job Analysis Caring for children can be stressful and overwhelming at times.

As a childcare teacher, you must be able to ensure the safety of the children at all times. In order to successfully be able to watch a group of child ages 1-5 you need to ensure there are plenty of appropriate satellites for the children to do throughout the day. There are four mall points to working In the childcare Industry. Develop and Implement a program Supervise the children Maintain program administration Perform other duties When developing and Implement a program you need to provide activities that are or the children’s age not to young or old.The satellites being planned need to meet the needs of physical, emotional, and social needs. In addition, depending on the child’s age you will implement math and literacy concepts and introduce children to different cultures.

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In addition to the teaching aspect, you will need to provide nutritious snacks and lunches some centers include dinner, ensure that all equipment the children use Is safe, and checked dally. When supervising children you need to provide them opportunities to sleep and a proper place to do that.Most centers will have a set time during the day that nap time or rest time happens. During inpatient, it is very important to be able to see all the children. As a teacher, we are here to build up a child’s esteem and provide a safe environment to do that.

When children disagree we need to teach them to use their words and talk there problem out. In case of any situations, you need to have a positive discipline, the center that I work at uses redirection. Redirection Is where you differently, instead of sending a child to time out or to the corner; we will redirect them to another activity.Maintaining program administration is keeping parents informed of expectations of the program, activities, the child’s progress and any incidents or accidents that may have occurred during the day. One way to maintain the program is by having a daily schedule in each classroom. Having a daily schedule with allow the teacher, parent, and child know what is going on throughout the day.

There will be a time for snack and lunch, recess, math, science, reading, writing, circle time, potty training, etc. Children do better when they have a schedule to follow, having a schedule means that the classroom is not chaos the entire day.Performing other duties may be filing paperwork, cleaning dirty diapers, and moping the floor, anything besides teaching but still keeping the children in a safe and clean environment to learn in. Training “When pursuing employment this population can face significant challenges, including: limited education, academic skills and/or work experience; poor motivation for employment, and/or lack confidence in skills and abilities; limited understanding of what is and what is not appropriate for a work setting; emotional instability and/or faculty coping with the demands of work/life”(Star-Phoenix, DCE. 2,2013).Having pre-service and monthly trainings are a big part when working in the childcare field. In the state of Texas you are required to have at least 8 hours of pre-service training, this is done when you first start in childcare before you are able to work with children and 24 hours of training each year.

Working in childcare there are some trainings that you will do each year such as vehicle safety, KIDS, shaken baby, CPRM/first aid, and abuse and neglect. These training teach you what to do if you get in a situation here the child is not in a safe environment at home, or if a situation arises while in your care.The trainings Just discussed if for the child but for the employees you will also have to attend trainings related to customer service, safety, communication, and sometimes computer skills. Trainings are very important because they help you to acquire the capabilities to perform the Job.

I believe that in the childcare field you do need the trainings to help and guide you, but having hands on trainings are Just as important. Some people are Just not cut out to work with children, you need to have he patience and the drive to want to teach and be around children.Compensation “Although the demand for child care in the United States has risen over the past 40 years, the supply of good quality child care remains both limited and costly, and the supply of well-trained and adequately compensated workers remains IoW’ (De Vita, Tomboy, Mantilla, & Urban Inns. 2002). Most childcare centers will start pay on average between $8.

50-9. 50. If you have experience, teaching degree, trainings, etc these will all play a part in what you will start on for compensation.There is always annually, and depending on your performance your compensation can continuously grow. I believe that when working in the childcare field compensation and benefits do have a big part in taking the Job or not, but if you have to true passion to teach and be around children and to see the Joys that children can bring then compensation may not play a huge role.

To work with children you have to have passion, patience, love and enjoy being a kid with them. There are so many great things to show children and help them to have the best experience being a child while keeping them safe.If you can follow the job analysis and provide a structured, fun and caring environment then your responsibilities as a childcare provider are being filled. I believe that that Job analysis for a childcare teacher does effectively represent the duties and responsibilities for the Job. Each center will do things slightly different but overall this is what you need to expect working in the childcare field.

Description, to let you know what is expected from the Job once the position is held. What needs to be done to keep the Job and perform it properly.