Fur Fashion Industry

Fur Fashion Industry Thesis Statement: Wearing fur today has become a status symbol with an ugly truth behind the fur trade industry. Although fur is fashionable, fur industry is an inhumane, sadistic act and it should be banned. 1. Con: Opponents claims that fur is the great fabric that last for a long time Pro: Although fur clothing can last for a long time, it is very high-maintenance. The effort and cost in order to keep fur clothing in shape is very high. The price for maintaining the fur is higher that the value of the our. . Con: Many people believe that fur is associated with glamour and wealth, when a person wears fur clothing, it can make them look classy and it is an icon of fashion style. Pro: This may be true; however, fur industry causes the death of animals. Various animals such as foxes, seals and rabbits are killed on a daily basis for their fur. Moreover, about fifty million animals are killed every year, eighty-five percent of which are the animals in fur farms. This leads to the extinction of such animals in our planet. . Con: Some opponents state that fur provides warmth and comfort during the cold weather. Because of fur thickness, it can provide optimum protection when is cold. Pro: This argument has no validity because maybe it protect us from cold, but fur clothing poses a threat to the environment . Every year, fur industries release almost one thousand tons of harmful emissions phosphorous to the environment . Moreover, fur farms can lead to water pollution by realizing all he dirt to the water and kills fishes.

Another problem of the chemical processes in making fur coats is air pollution. Conclusion: Even though fur industry Is very popular worldwide, the fur fashion Industry should be prohibited because It brings great harm for many Innocent animals. Deed By gasbags 7 making fur coats is air pollution. Conclusion: Even though fur industry is very popular worldwide, the fur fashion industry should be prohibited because it brings great harm for many innocent animals.

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