They only use faceable to promote their artifacts. In developing an Online Ordering of Furniture Arts helps the clients n selling their products easily. It can also help In advertising their products online so that people who are interested in buying those items will see even though they are far from the commercial site.

We will also put a map site so that the costumer can easily locate the building because other clients according to them, are not familiar with the commercial building site . 1. 1 Background of the Study Established in February 21, 2008, Furniture Arts is a leading retailer of elegant and affordable good quality of imported furniture’s in Mole, Gambling del Sure. It is located at Racial Avenue, Mole, Gambling del Sure . This furniture shop is actually the sister business of the known glass and aluminum Installation service provider which Is Mole Glass House.

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Just like Its sister, Mole Glass House, Furniture Arts does not only cater In Mole but also to Its nearby towns such as Mahogany, Dumpling, Tambala, Boniface, Josephine and other municipalities In Slug Valley. The shop also serves customers in the nearby cities of Mole particularly in the bustling cities of Pagan and Ozarks. This furniture retailer offers different types of exquisitely designed furniture’s, paintings and lampshades suitable for homes, offices and establishments that can make your furniture dream come true. . 2 Statement of the Problem Furniture Arts Is Just using Faceable to market and promote their products online and the products Is only limited to the followers of their Faceable page. The accuracy of the people ordering the product Is low since they only use text messaging. The product Is not well organized and customers are having a hard time viewing the products as well as the prices and information. 1. 3 General Objectives The main goal of the study is to develop an online ordering of the products of Furniture Arts. 1. Specific Objectives To hasten the possibility of doing business transaction of client In quick easy and with less expense of time and money. 1. 5 Significance of the Study operations by introducing an Online Ordering of its products. The study will benefit tot Furniture Arts and the costumers. Through this system, Furniture Arts will have their own website in promoting their products. With the help of this system, they can sell their products quickly. We will also put Site maps so that the costumers will be able to locate the Furniture Arts building easily. . 6 Scope and Limitations System Scopes includes the following: They can have their own website as well as to promote their products. They can sell their products quick and easy selling operation. They have the authority to add more account by filling up the form which is available only in the admit module. They have the power to deactivate the account in case of suspicious acts of the newly added account. Registered Client can order products. The administrator will be the one who will view the order sent by the costumer.

The administrator will also validate the order and provide receipt. System Limitation: The proposed system cannot provide online payments, and online chatting for the clients. Unauthorized person cannot log in the backbend. Unregistered clients cannot order product. 1. 7 Definition of Terms Artifact: Product Situate: Locate Review of Related Literature Chapter II PH is a pragmatic language. It was created out of a specific need to be able to quickly make web pages and the language was extended as required. 2. PH Programming Language PH is used to create dynamic websites; this is a step up from HTML as it allows you to do much more than creating static websites. Using a language such as PH also gives you access to using databases with your website such as Myself. Advantages: PH is accessible It’s available for free It’s available with documentation in many languages. There are many support groups, forums, and teams supporting PH. There is a wealth of online. Cost PH is completely free. Ease of Use PH is easy to learn compared to many other scripting languages.

PH has a syntax that is easy to parse and is actually rather human-friendly. Embedded PH can be easily embedded directly into HTML 4 Compatibility. PH runs native on all UNIX and Windows platforms. Not Tag-Based PH is real programming languages. Stability Many extensions. Fast feature development. Strong user communities. Http://wick. Answers. Com/Q/What_are_the_advantages_of_using_PH? #slide=4 2. 2 Existing Systems Related to the Developed System As the developers, we were able to gather all information or idea that we congregated for the development of the system.

The developers found the information or idea needed for the development of the system by the used of the modern technology especially the Internet. 2. 3 Definition of Terms. PH is a popular general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited to web development. Myself is the world’s second most widely used open-source relational database management system. Chapter Ill Description of the Proposed System This chapter presents the overview of the system and how the system works. 3. 1

General Objectives of the System The general objective of the system is to provide an Online Ordering System for the products of Furniture Arts. 3. 2 Specific Objectives of the System To provide a system with user friendly interface; To provide an online registration to the costumer; To provide an quick and easy selling operation; 3. 3 Scopes and Limitations Super Admit who has the authority to add more account by filling up the form which is available only in the Super Admit module. Clients must register if they want to order products.

Super Admit has the power to deactivate the account In case of suspicious acts of he newly added admit. System Limitations: costumers. Unauthorized person cannot log in the admit. Clients cannot order products if they are not registered. HIPPO (Hierarchical Input Process Output) – a diagram that reveals the flow of the system’s process in which it shows the functions of each module and gives the user an idea. It also shows the possible users of the system and how the users may use every module that the system has. Level of Users 1.

Super Admit The Super Admit can: ADD add product information , sales information, supplier information, can add new adman UPDATE/EDIT Update products arrival, products sales, supplier’s information, admit information DELETE Delete records or data, admit VIEW view products arrival, sales information , products information, list of low limit products, view message, customer’s account 2. Admit The Admit can: add products arrived, sales products UPDATE/EDIT update product’s arrival, update sales product view products arrival, view list of products, view list of low limit product 3.

CASHIER view products arrival, view list of products, 4. COSTUMER Products, featured product, image gallery, product description, service offer Order Order product IV- METHODOLOGY In this chapter, the developers describe the different methods or phases being used in developing the system. The system entitled, “Developing an Online System for Furniture Arts” used the OSDL (System Development Life Cycle) or the Waterfall Model. Analysis of the principles, studies and procedures which are considered very significant in the development of the project are presented here.

This method was the guide of the developers in accomplishing the system’s objectives. The OSDL planning, system analysis, system design, coding, testing, implementation and maintenance phase. It has a technique that divides complex projects into smaller, more easily manageable phases. The diagram below illustrates the modeling processes of the OSDL: 4. 1 Phases of System Development Life Cycle (Waterfall Model) Planning Through Elicitation Technique, the developers found out that the management of Furniture Arts is having a hard time in promoting their products.

In order to come up a high quality system, the developers conducted an interview with the client to know their problems and to find solutions by means of developing an Online Ordering System of Furniture Arts. The developers planned the system to meet the needs of the client. System Analysis The developers analyzed the information that was gathered from the client during the interview. Through the interview, the developers formed the system’s architecture to know and understand the advantages and limitations of the system.

The developers specified the information to the end- user including the hardware and software requirements, especially the software that would be used during the design of the GUI or Graphical User Interface. The developers used PH Programming Language in developing the system and Myself for its database. In this phase, the developers came up with the design through problem understanding from the needs of the user. The developers used architectural design to describe how the software is composed and organized into components.

This is where the GUI or Graphical User Interface is created and the design of the layouts is expanded, as the developers identify the links and connections. The database layout was also designed and the overall system architecture. The developers used PH Programming Language, Myself for its database, HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) for easy maintenance because CSS separates the content from the format for every background. The Review of Related Literature and the interview from the client are the bases for the design.

Coding This is the most important part in creating the system though it seems difficult and complicated. To be able to obtain the desired functionality of the system, the developers conceptualized necessary requirements, simple functions and tangible layout of codes for the system to operate. The system is divided into different modules for easy coding such as ADD, EDIT/UPDATE, DELETE and SEARCH,VIEW. In order to run the program properly, the developers used PH Programming Language and Notepad++ for the text or code editor and Myself for the database.

The developers created the code that would make the system to work properly and accurately. For the enhancement of the system, the developers used HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) for the design of the GUI or Graphical User Interface. Testing The system underwent series of tests in this stage to assure the accuracy of the system and ensure that the system meets the users’ requirements. The system went through the following testing phases: Unit Testing The developers tested the system by module.

It involves adding and extracting information from the database, checking if the system gives reliable output. 0 Integration Testing After unit testing, the developers combined all the modules in order to test if the system executes correctly with the presence of other modules. 0 System Testing In this test, the developers tested the behavior of the whole system if it gave accurate and reliable data needed. The developers checked the security of the system and allow the user to access the data. The weaknesses of the system were identified here, wrought performing several tests, in order to define the convenience of the information.

After performing the three basic tests, the developers exposed the system to other technical people or programmers, to know their comments and feedbacks on the system. The system was released in beta-form for the experts to check if the system has achieved reliability and efficiency. Implementation In this phase, the developers observed the actual function of the system. After the system is done, this is where the developers deploys the system entitled, Online Ordering System for Furniture Arts to the client and conduct an orientation on how to et familiarized with the system easily.

Maintenance The developers or maintenance team are the one who maintain the system. The following are the steps in maintaining the system for it to function properly: correct the errors that are unpredicted during the testing enhance the system’s performance to help the system stay in good condition make back-up of important files sort out the programs in order to upgrade the system observe the system through frequent updates and evaluation delete unnecessary module that are no longer useful to the system