First of all, as name as today, advances in science and technology have been the major source of change in recent decades. This trend will continue in the future because almost people dream of eliminating all sicknesses and wars, of colonizing space, of having machines do our work and spending most of our time on leisure activities, etc. Our life in mid-21 century will be improved in physical way. We will be more comfortable for example we will have robot that do every housework. Also we can have more time to relax ourselves.

We have better medical science which mean we live better and anger.However there are drawbacks in this advanced in science and technology. These developments will destroy our lives in some way. Such a crisis may result from the way we use and destroy environment in nowadays, following excessive pollution of the environment, a global nuclear war, some perverse use of genetic engineering, in the future will have both negative and positive things in someway. As globalization will become more prevalent in the future, economies, societies and 3 culture become integrated through communication, transportation and technology.This internationalization had lead to an increased transfer of capital across border, increased communication around the world, an increase importance of trade in economics This will effect my future. The globalization may be contributed to unemployment in some countries.

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As a result of connectively and globalization millions of Jobs across the world are going to disappear. Some Jobs are at risk because they can either be outsourced to a region with lower paid, or they can be replaced by technology. Therefore people will try to compete each other, mutinously upping the stakes for what it take to succeed.As a MIMIC graduated student in Roosevelt University, I need to study very hard and work hard to live in that time. If I am not doing well enough, I will be a loser in the future. In my opinion, studying in Roosevelt University in America will be vast advantages in my future life because English will take precedence in the world. Every people need to speak English language influence.

In addition think studying here will change my habit. I will more independent and stinger because I need to study very hard because of any barriers such as culture and language barrier.So I can pass it, I think my future will be bright. I believe that Roosevelt University will be a great part and experience of my life.

To conclude, future is Just like a box, wrapped and inaccessible. I know it is there, you can see it as well but we will never know what is inside there until someone who has the key opens it. Also that someone is only time. Therefore it’s more important to think what I can do now.

Because no matter how great the future will be, it is only me that will make it out.