Financial Support from the government 2. Continuously income generating B. Disadvantages 1. Status Quo 2. Government interference Prevarication and Computerizing of Ticketing System . Decision-making 2. Profit-sharing 3.

Potential Investors will soon come 4. Maturity and independence from the government 1. Loss of privileges 2. Requirements in prevarication 3. Setting up a fund To revamp or formulate new set of business policies 1 . Recovery and Improvement 2. Low cost but higher quality of services 1.

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Time constraints 2. Government Approval is still needed 3.Limited funds Available X’.

Decision Statement After weighing all the alternatives, the best solution for the problem is for Guard Indonesia to privative. This was chosen for it would cover up loopholes and improve of the previous policies. It could take the opportunity to come up with a more choose alternative 2, where in there is a slow growth rate of the policy implemented and ineffective policy resulting to low operational output. While in alternative 1, the enterprise might not have a room for improvement thus affecting its operations. XII. Implementation Program Long-range Plans .

Expansion of business operations. 2. Establish business relation with other international airlines. 3.

Make a network with related industry to strengthen marketing strategies. Short-range Plans 1 . Make use of the funds for investment proposals.

2. Conduct a meeting with the government regarding the company’s plan of prevarication. 3. Prepare a written contract of agreement with the government.

4. Present a business plan for potential investors. XIII. Proposed Business Policies XIV. Management Lessons Learned 1. Self-analysis 2. Resilience 3.

Business is a three-way function